Please Help Stevo!

” Naomba Wakenya wanibuyie Prado ya 4 millioni hivi na wanijengee Kanyumba, ” Stevo Simple Boy now asks Kenyans.


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In an unexpected turn of events, Kenyan musician Stephen Otieno, better known as Stevo Simple Boy, has made a bold request to the Kenyan public.

The internet sensation, known for his unique music style and humble persona, recently took to social media, asking his fans and fellow Kenyans to support him in building a new house and purchasing a Prado.

This unprecedented plea has sparked mixed reactions among his followers and raised questions about the role of fans in supporting their favorite artists. Let’s dive into the details and examine the implications of Stevo Simple Boy’s unusual appeal.


Kwani Hana Baba ? Aede anunuliwe na Rao Sisi si budake

Never heard of him

That’s some weird level of entitlement…

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Ata mimi ninunuliwe apartment pale GTC

Atafuel prado na pesa gani

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Ameona anaeza itisha Prado after Eric Omondi amfanyie shopping na kulipiwa rent by that MP from western Kenya.

Mbona tumsaidie na sisi wote tuko na fudhi? Ajipange humbwer!!