Please help my cousin

Things continue going south for him. Woes galore for the young man. Recently, the wife has gone high tech with her phone hacking antics. She is able to access the phone directory remotely and delete contacts that she suspects are female friends of the guy. Which technology is this really?

boss, mbona wewe punju hivi

Huyo wife anampenda sana, awachane na kunguru na amkule sawasawa.

Is the wife a reasonable woman? Based on what you’ve shared with us, it’s almost certain that your cousin is having an affair.

Just tell that chokora cousin of yours to buy an iPhone aachane na mambo ya android buda. Na afanye multi factor authentication, his wife won’t be able to see or do shit on his phone.
Ama long story short aachane tu na wife yake coz she’s most definitely cheating on him case closed

Am really really thinking there is no cousin here, this is you chief, hebu ambia bibi abehave ama atoke kwa nyumba yako, this isn’t marriage it’s emotional torture

Shifo…do us one big mighty favour. Tuchapie hekaya yako honestly. We don’t know you but we will reply. With kindness.

@ChifuMbitika piga Bibi slaps moto na ambia yeye awachane na your business

Eh? The wife is psycho! Huyo atammwagilia maji moto kama amelala…that’s if hatamnyofoa transformer kwanza.

To keep going, chokoza wifey once in a week to keep this shit called marriage going. Unareset marriage to factory settings kiasi. Never make it all smooth otherwise when she is so happy women can make your life revolve around their anus. (Mwarim 2020)

Most likely, ur cousin ni mtu hakunywi, anakaa tu ndee kwa nyumba kusumbuana na pipi juu ya remote, atokee akunywe dallas acome home akinuka simba, pipi anakunja mkia.

She’s a psycho divorce and a restraining order is the solution

I am sure he is not having any affairs. It’s only that the wife is crazy and paranoid.


Hahahaha. Sio mimi buda

You can rest assured that it’s not me

I will warn him

Thanks mwarimu

Sawa bro

I will pass the message to him