Please assist me

When I connect my laptop to the TV via HDMI cable, the pictures are shown on TV but there’s no volume on TV, only on the laptop. Why am I not getting the volume on TV? I’ve changed the HDMI ports but it’s still the same.

buy an original HDMI cable,stop being cheap

Mbisha, fikisha threshold ya Evidence ama skechi tu

It’s original. It has been working on a different TV so shida sio cable

When it comes to troubleshooting electronics go to YouTube. It’s all there. Works for me every time

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If it works on a different tv with the same laptop and cable, obviously the problem is this tv.

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You have been getting the picture & sound on the other tv?


@Unicorn must you be told of obvoious things kama hizi??if it walks like a duck…

  1. Right click on the sound icon on the taskbar. Select “playback devices”
  2. Select HDMI as the default playback device

Why are such an arrogant prick? I know there’s definitely a problem and it’s not about in the HDMI cable coz I said it has been working on a different TV. I asked what could be the reason why am not getting the sound on TV nifafanuliwe vizuri…Im not a know it all.If you can’t assist me tale your cheap shots outta here.

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@Unicorn let me come and fix it for free.

Some HDMI outputs on computers are video only. However, when connecting hdmi to a tv, it may only push video if the comp is already on.
try connecting to the tv and then reboot the comp.

It has worked. Thanks a lot:):slight_smile:

Thank you as well:):slight_smile:

usi catch feeling baby @aviator already answered you…am sensing underlying anger issues brought about by not having been laid for a while…no worries i can see @Web Dev is offering his services for free

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You don’t know nothing coz you suggested the problem was the HDMI cable which clearly wasnt and you tried to insinuate I’m blonde.GTFOH.

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