Plant based eggs ad meat

This is the future.



Humans can survive and thrive with any type of food …as long as haukunywi pombe hautombi malaya na una chapa tizi…food becomes a luxury…crazy fact most doctors(na siongei kuhusu malaya mpenda kuma mzee @rexxsimba)swear that intermittent fasting is a cure for most diseases:cool:

Maisha hukuwa rahisi sana ukijua tumbo yako ni size ya fist yako. Food doesn’t rule you anymore.

Mbaruyia hataki kuskia hivo

There’s that meme that always floats around social media on Christmas day and during the 1st of January that goes “vile mnaskia mmeshiba hivyo ndio sisi waluhya huskia kila siku”.

Mimi hucheka every time as if ndio nimeiona for the first time.

The future according to klaus schwab, Bill Gates and Co = a diet of fake meat, fake eggs, crickets and other insects
Question is will you comply?

Omwafrika loves the latest trends, whether it’s being gay or eating plastic rice. Compliance in Africa is automatic.