Planning to start a management agency bizna...

…ile tu ya kuokota rent from tenants. What are its legal requirements?

…start by changing your #handle first…


Business licence perhaps?

else tenants watakutoka mbio

If registering as a housing agency: Business name, for which you will need KRA PIN and a qualification in Housing mgt plus the usual business permit from kanjo.

Else you can just register as a general business for which the qualification will not be required.

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Second that.

His handle actually fits this kind of business. If a tenant doesn’t pay anawaambia “123 toka mbio”.

I don’t have any advice I could offer you though:)


,^^^^hahahaha, well put^^

Though not strictly adhered to, you also register with the Estate Agents Registration Board…or something like that. It sits in Ardhi House

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Survival tactics in police cells will come in handy when you dry frying tenants money instead of remitting…

register as an agent…preferably, open an agency company with agency as its main objectives…if you can get one or two buildings in town,then umepenya,why? coz the shops in town normally have goodwill which can amount to 20 million for one space/shop na hii pesa once imetolewa hairudishwi coz sio deposit…but you also need to know people

Tuseme tu Nyani haoni nini?..

Thanks @aviator , I think option 2 seems to probably work best for me…

Let me start small by managing a friend’s flat then nikijanjaruka I go big…

Managing agent is easy to start. Rent an office then make infinite billboards and place them on every intersection. Wear some serious suits and acquire some air of success. A model receptionist is a must. Don’t eat clients money. Make scquontances with some low lives to be your muscle. Be at home in police cells. Licences, debts, stress and success will come later. And, oh yes, leave your heart at home every morning when u head to work. Wish u well.


Hehehe. Wacha ikae kama ni hivyo.

agents wa chabrin?

Highschooler, unajua Chabrin? Hehehe

You must register a business name or a limited liability company. As an estate Agent, your must Register yourself under the Estate Agents Act. Then there is all that stuff about licenses and what not… halafu 123 unatoka mbio.