Planning Starts for Kenya’s First BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) Infrastructure

Finally, city planners seem to have taken a break from their slumber sessions. Plans are underway to construct Kenya’s first BRT infrastructure. At a length of 12.3 km, the infrastructure will form part of Mombasa road, running from Likoni junction near General motors to James Gichuru road junction. The Kenya national highways authority has invited bids for consultancy services for the supervision of the design and construction of the section. Once completed, the road will ease travel time across the city between Mombasa road and the Western part of the city. At optimal operation, the new road is expected to cut journey time across this stretch from hours to minutes, especially during rush hours. As a plus, citizens will have a chance to ride real buses, and not the sorry contraptions that roll out of GM and other bus builders.

Planned Route (12.3 Km)

BRT bus in Dar-es-salaam

Inside a BRT bus[ATTACH=full]11206[/ATTACH]



I want to come back to the city, boss can you here me?

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how much have they stolen?

Carrying capacity seems to be quite low compared to the size of the bus. They also seem to be using the same road with other vehicles. I think what we need in Nairobi are the trams


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:D:D:D:D I agree. But first we need to figure out how fire and the wheel works :D:D:D

After having allowed anyone and everyone to build anywhere and everywhere, do we have the resources and the will to buy them out for tramways?

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tramways require very little space to build. In fact, the space between Mombasa road or even waiyaki way is enough for a tramway. The only challenge would be the cost of the modern electric trams.

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:D:D:D:D keep the faith @fishmonger

hiyo ya TZ is not a true BRT system because the cars are sharing the lane meant to be an exclusive bus lane. It’s just a fancy looking bus and that’s where the potential problem will be. How long before the city gives in and allows private cars on busways because of traffic jams?