plague for profit

Documents purporting to be signed by Nyali MP Hezron Awiti as the director of Metal refinery EPZ Co, blamed for the lead poisoning of owino uhuru area and residents have been posted on Facebook.

It’s for Nyali MP Hezron Awiiti now to come out clean and tell citizens if these documents are correct or forged. Was he the director of that company or ONLY a landlord?




hii story imeniuma sana, and I hear there are several in Inda and Baba dogo that have not yet been exposed

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And blame game is the order of the day in the government.

Same here. Kwanza kale katoi kalikuwa na kidonda kwa mguu kanazuia nzi na majani, that image is etched in my mind.

These guys should be exposed kabisa and publicity maintained to shame the authorities concerned into action.:frowning:

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And you wont hear as much as a squeak from the opposition since one of it’s members has been fingered. Was it the other way round, ungewaskia kwa mazishi wakisema vile Jubilee is killing their members.


Cord is a joke.

both the gava and the opposition are incompetent. ION there was a village that was/has been surrounded by pokot bandits for 3 days yet the security team in the area did nothing. 3 days no one going in and no one coming out of the village. so sickening

hii story ni sad bana… thank God walikua exposed

And like it has always been the case will drag on and on and finally will be thrown out of the window. Case closed Kenyan style.

These people are one and the same, the only difference ni nguo wamebadilisha

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