Placebo Effect

Is the aforementioned effect a confirmation of the age old adage of mind over matter,what really happens to the guys who take the placebo and feel better…?

they were not even sick i guess…but this applies to some conditions, jaribu kuchukua placebos instead of painkillers ndio utajua it’s not mind over matter.

will you be aware they are placebos or not?

well the mind cannot make all pains disappear

Like a nasty toothache, the kind that throbs. Hio haiishangi rahisi

if you know its a placebo then it defeats the purpose,usually there are two groups:the ones given the drug(mostly trial) and the control group which is given the placebo and sometimes those in the control group start feeling better,how?

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placebo effect has been observed in many experiments, only problem is it cant be constantly replicated. hence you cannot heal an AIDS victim with panadol. There is still so much to learn about everything