Pixel 2: Mother of Bezels

First of all this design is just another iPhone 3 rip-off. the black strip on the grey back has been done and dusted.
I won’t say anything about the single camera option coz the tests are not out yet, but why did they skip dual camera? why.
My biggest qualm is the Bezels. I mean the Pixel2 XL doesn’t look so bad but the smaller phone just looks ridiculous. it’s like they were competing for most space below and above the screen.
it’s not such a deal breaker though, considering the fact that dual stereo speakers are included

enyewe the smaller one has some crazy bezels

Last year Pixel had the best Cameras on a phone, better than iPhone 7 camera which had dual camera lenses, sijui mbona unacomplain.

Mi mix unaeza iwai review inakaa aje? Na pia redmi note 4? Advice on a good phone price not above 30k

Tested the one plus 5 camera iko chonjo kapsaa…but felt soo delicate

chukua Mi 5s

5s ama 5s plus? Bora battery life iko a whole day on medium to heavy usage

5s plus ni 5s kubwa tuuu

Thanks. Pewa moja kwa bill ya ktalk:D:D:D:D:D:D thanks lakini.

redmi note 4 is the best phone under 20k if you don’t mind the camera

achukue 5s with it’s snapD 821 then arushie the modded Google CAmera with HDR+ = Bliss

share hio APK

iko XDA, soc yako ni gani?

Nitachukua hiyo 5s then unishow vile ukarabati ya camera inafanya. Atleast something naeza kaa nayo for three yrs bila stress


Google Bezel 2

kwanza the pixel 2 has proven that dual cameras are just gimmicks and marketing nonesense

Goes at what price mi 5s?