Pink Handles, Single mothers and Wives what would you do


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Senior singo madha resident expat mtura ndom kuja saidia

Hehe, next time you copy a post from another group, don’t forget to black out the name and pic for privacy reasons.

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This is part of African culture , I don’t know why people find it awkward .
An African man can easily have two wives, caution though, one needs to be an Alfa male who takes care of their responsibilities .


Even women agree

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niaje @Breizh , how is France

Mercy was tom =Breizh


leo Umepaka ile lipstick ulinunua ?

hapana, nimevaa tampoon juu nanyesha


Both ni ngumu. I’ll bring my hekaya soon.

ingine hapa leo morning. very sad

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mpaka nimefungua thread juu ya hii story.

Very pathetic.

Hats aseme aje still gold digging ama cuz ameweke plot amour ya kuwa na mtoi…kama unagold dig- do it bila shame. … niggas going soft over here- speaks levels of the simp rate in this village…what’s her point here if not to seek that sweet ass approval rating.Y’all just took the bait and want to save her

…but how sure she needs to be saved…bitch met the nigga for 4 months ma niggas …Alarm bells zenu haziring me am

Wah very sad, this should be a post on its own

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Hii ni for real??? Woooooooooooooi yawa sijui nimhurumie ama nimuite majina.

ni ujinga tu

If she wants to be a second wife, there is no problem with that. Polygamy makes it possible for more women to get companions.

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