Pink handles kujeni hapa tena

As you all know Crystal my girlfriend; sorry my ex girlfriend had proposed to me something that left me in so much shock till I started doubting our relationship. She had suggested we go get tested for STIs, choose a family planning method and start fucking raw. This suggestion didn’t go down well with me as it sounded as if she was hiding something from me. We were supposed to go for testing on Saturday but my boss handed over some assignment to me to be done by yesterday so we had to postpone the testing of which felt like a relief to me. Crystal didn’t seem happy to wait till am done with the assignment. She was like “babe si tuende tu kesho it won’t take long” and with that kind of persuasion I started having red flags, was she hiding something from me?. I convinced her well enough to wait till Tuesday (today) so that we would go for testing and she agreed but shingo upande.

So yesterday is where I came to find out that Crystal wanted to trap me with a baby. Damn that bitch is already 3 weeks pregnant from another man and so she wanted to put it on me. To make it worse the guy she is smashing is none other than Caleb the drunk guy I told you about who fucked some whore in SJ till she started asking why he ain’t finished. So Caleb has been going raw with her while she was in a relationship with me. Its okay I ain’t mad at Caleb he is revenging on me after I fucked two of his ex girlfriends while he was in a relationship with each of them. Its revenge well done but hold it; it went too far to the point of him making Crystal pregnant and so wanting her to put it on me, well done Caleb; incase you didn’t know Condoms are cheaper than diapers. Caleb good luck being a father. Enjoy your fatherhood.

It was like this, yesterday I was up by 6 ready to present the assignment to the boss I found Crystal had already prepared breakfast and she was taking a shower. She seemed jovial and from the look of things something good was about to happen. She seemed to spend a century in the bathroom so I took breakfast and hit the shower after her and by 7.30 was ready to leave. When I was about to leave she came up and said to me “babe leo naenda ile interview ya internship yenye nilikuwa nimeapply alafu niende kuona Mary (her elder sister), ntakam kesho”. I was okay with that and so to save on time i said its okay we will meet tomorrow when she comes back, " I love you Leon", “I love you too Crystal”. I boarded a matatu (bado niko route 11 manze) and miraculously beat the jam to make it on time to get to work. Handed over the assignment to the boss and was tipped by tipped by the boss for a job well done. At 5 as is the norm nilitoka job went to Club Mojo’s had some food (feeling very tired couldn’t cook) and some drinks and decided to go home. After getting off the matatu nikaamua niende kwa keja ya Caleb kuchukua movie nizione before nidoze.

I went and entered Caleb’s mancave without knocking as we always do. I found no one in the sitting and so decided to hold on for a few minutes coz I knew he was just around as he couldn’t leave his mancave without locking it. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice from the bedroom " babe na umerudi haraka, sasa babe nitafanya aje sitaki Leone ajue nina ball yako na amekataa tuende testing". This sounded like Crystal’s voice and what the fuck is she doing here? Isnt she supposed to be at her sister’s house? Then I heard her continue to say “kwani babe nini mbaya mbona husemi kitu?” Then she came to the sitting room completely naked “Babe unajua…” At that moment Caleb came in and the moment he saw me looking at Crystal with surprise he knew everything was just fucked up. “Leon its not what you think it is”… " Cheki buda tunaeza ongea hii story “…
" So Crystal you are pregnant with this bastard’s kid and you want to put it on me? Is this how you wanna repay me?? Good thing I didn’t oblige to your suggestions.“Caleb congrats manze we ni baba ya mtu. Anza kulea mtoi sasa” “Crystal so this is where you came for the interview?? I guess Caleb has approved you for the internship and clearly I can see there are some signs of permanent employment after the internship ends. Say hi to your sister for me. Tomorrow you will find your stuff at the watchman’s cube don’t bother coming to my crib I ain’t expecting anyone”…” buda utaniita baby shower nikuletee pampers"… “Crystal enjoy your internship” “Leon we can talk about this”… “There’s nothing to talk about bitch, look at yourself you are standing in someone’s house naked do you know how many girls have been naked here??”… " Calel by the way nilisahau ule poko wako wa SJ alisema nikugotee akadai nikushow amekumiss sana…".

Baadaye buda…

That’s how Caleb tried screwing me but ended srewing himself…

Wacha nikae single sasa…

summary…hata hizo paragraphs hazisaidii


iza joh…

You need to grow up, you are not old enough to maintain a girlfriend.

Caleb!!! well done.

Sasa unataka tukusaidie aje?

Hapa ulimshw Caleb vizuri sana. Hatasumbua tena

Drop Caleb and also stop dating loose women! Else this is bound to happen with your next gf. Some men are stupid generally. I’m sure Caleb will continue being your boy and this will be the cycle of all your relationships.

Am not dating anytime soon…and NO am not dropping him as my friend…am still 2-1 up when it comes to fucking each others girlfriends…

Adonbolivit!! this story seems familiar from somewhere else, kwanza hapo pa finding your girlfriend in your pals house.

Too bad you are not a cop.

This is why I prefer reading comments, especially the author’s , first before attempting to tackle a long thread…

In this case , I have no freakin idea why you chose the above title.
We can’t relate to kindergarten games.

shd av done the same:)

lame and stupid. kwani you need doctorate kulea mtoi? ukichengwa tulia

Take the post down. You probably need to grow the fuck up son.


:eek::eek:you’re in my prayers!

wah…buda uliponea. lovely doves waliisha…siku hizi kunguru ndio zinaroam

You are watching too much Nigerian movies. Nashuku hiyo movie ulichukua ni “Ike impregnates Ichuku”