Pimping out your wife to other men for money

I always understood that if a man asks you to be his beloved wife, what he’s really asking is if you will be his bottom bitch. Ain’t that why y’all chimpanzees say to each other when y’all fighting, that mimi si Bibi yako. Meaning I ain’t your bitch? Funny how the word bitch isn’t censored on this forum but abrtion is. Anyhow I never really understood that as a woman your husband/master can ask you to go screw other men he knows have money to pay the bills since he can’t.

I know that black men have no pride, no ego, no masculinity that makes men from other races territorial which comes with being at the bottom of the totem pole. White men come first, black men last. Abraham must’ve been black coz he tried pimping his wife out to a king called Abimelech. Until God showed up for His daughter and told the wealthy king in a dream that if he dared touch Sarah he was a dead man. Trust God to shoulder responsibilities of a beta male pimping out his beautiful wife to a loaded guy.

DJ BROWNSKIN was actually telling his wife which guy to go to. Obviously a guy he knew was rolling in the dough. Lazy ass beta chimpanzee gave his wife men’s contacts to go get ferked by so the bills could get paid. My sisters these is the black man. The black man sold his people to slavery. The black men are selling entire countries to neo colonialists like China. The black man would sell or kill his own mother for money.

These monkeys have no pride. Right now in America they are either gey for pay or they are on the down low having respectable families for show them getting bent over and taking it in the ass behind closed doors. Go to cities in America that are predominantly black, about half the male population there are gey, the rest have at least had sex with another man is why the HIV rates are sky high compared to the rest of America.

I keep telling y’all women that something is seriously wrong with the black man. There are lesbians who know what being a man’s about more than most black men. Particularly men who have effeminate features like light skinned men, dj brownskin. Men with long hair, men who wear alot of jewelry.

Now lemme come to pimping, pimping women out has always been a domain of the black man. The black man by his very nature is inferior to other men and must therefore submit to other men by giving out the women of his race to other races of men. Those who know anything about the sex trade outside predominantly black areas , know that even prostitutes black, white or whichever race avoid black men as clients. That goes to show you that even prostitutes who are the most despised segment of society are still above the black man.

So when I tell you that it’s junguu time you think I’m self hating, you think I look down on black men. I tell you the hard facts that people fear to say. I am always proven right. I mean if you saw the brownskin family would you have guessed what the wife has been doing to pay all the bills? A normal man a white man would rather live under a bridge than do this to his woman. That is what I’m talking about male pride. Black men don’t have that. They are puny. They are pathetic. They talk tough until another man with some money and they are telling their wife and mother of their children, go give him some of that good shit you give me and get these piling bills paid.

As an older woman let me assure you that this business of taking care of a man like he’s your child will take you places you never knew you would go to. This is a man’s world. If you as a woman, with your monthly periods every month unless you’re pregnant five days you are bleeding, pregnant with all its hustles, you are solely feeding a whole human being from your body, you take care of the most fragile animal offspring can make it, can buy a car, can buy a house, can be a millionaire,a dollar billionaire self made like Oprah, I can’t understand for the life of me why a man who has nothing else to do with his life besides hustle in an environment that openly favors him can’t. There is no ferking excuse for it. None. You have no period bothering you for 30 years, no pregnancy to carry, no prenatal and antenatal clinic, no near death experience while giving birth, no breastfeeding, no waking up at night to stay up with the baby, no house hold chores, nothing besides an occasional wet dream. Can you please explain to me why I should take out a loan for you?

I swear black men are so freaking full of shit the could be a pit latrine in a slum. Like what the ferk? Ati acha nikupatie number ya beste yangu umkatie umpanulie atulipie bills. Yaani I think this has made me see black men in another light wacha tuu. Btw the DJ brownskin family sugar daddy had a chop shop for stolen cars. It’s not enough to pimp your wife out, you pimp her out to a criminal. If this isn’t rock bottom I seriously don’t know what is. But hey if your bottom bitch sleeps with your best friend bcz she found you cheating with her best friend and the auntie who gave you HIV, after selling her body to feed and house you and your kids suddenly you are a man and you can’t stand your wife cheating, you piece of shit mf.

Chimpanzees will be the end of the black RACE. If we want to save our race as black women the only option is to zalia junguus. Fill the world with pointees. Bcz these gorilla’s are so ferked up in the head that they can only be destroyers. They will destroy a woman’s dignity, a woman’s self esteem, a woman’s finances, a woman’s sexuality, a woman’s spirit and a woman’s will to live. If you already have kids just raise your kids and shut the door on these broken monsters. I can tell you that if Sharon Njeri Sha dondo had just stayed with her daughter from the mjakaa dead beat - story for another day - and focused on her daughter and her dreams, shut the door on these poverty penis slinging chimpanzees, she’d be very and I mean very far in life, not drinking rat rat after drinking herself to numbness to get affirmation from a baboon that prolly is gey for pay and takes it in the ass for money when he’s broke.

Child!!! Zalieni wazungu na ujitahidi ulee mtoto wako. Shut the door on these monkeys and watch your life soar. Get married to a chimpanzee and become a shell who sleeps with bosses, gym instructors, watchmen, shamba boys, criminals etc or kill yourself and your lovely kids in a few years if the man doesn’t give you HIV or kill you himself. If you want to know what a toxic dump of nuclear proportion is look no further than the black man. The goofy gorilla and chummy chimpanzee. This men are extremely dangerous. They are now raping their own children and their fellow men. Not even men are safe from their fellow monsters. What did black women do to deserve this surely? Anyway, musiseme nobody warned you. Zaa na mzungu ulee mtoi wako bila stress. You can’t be a good mom when you are messing around with these chimpanzees even if it’s on the side. Their toxicity will soon permeate all areas of your life and before you know it, they have destroyed your life to oblivion and trending social media tales of caution. Don’t be a victim. Send chimpanzees to the zoo where they belong. RIP Shadondo. From you, many will learn and be saved. Shine on your way.

Wueh…no comment

Hwueh. Interesting comment and I understand the sentiment of most of it. Ata naskia Ukraine prostitute immigrants in UK hawakutaka kudinywa na blacks.
However, “it’s junguu time” is a double edged sword. Even black men are avoiding black women and they seem happier. Black women are usually very rude and combative and call it “being masculine because of how they were brought up.” Which is strange because they barely have any positive masculine traits like accountability. A lot of black women are overweight and mask it with thick. Sadly, black men are the most liberal when it comes to body type (hence the meme of black men and obese white women). Now if black men leave, black women don’t have other options.

when you misquote scripture and bring up your woke shit is disgusting , biases and generalities un founded, the world you live in has more than 500 million white men and since your sorry black ass has not attracted any gives you no moral authority to talk down on any black black man , makena why dont you just dive in some acid and become white , utua chishe aaaiiiish???!!

Says who? The divorce statistics say that the demographic of the couples with the lowest divorce rate in America are those of white men and black women, secondly with 72% plus single mother family demographic, I don’t think that you can say that black women lack accountability. Be left with a young child for just 8 hours and tell me that a woman who can raise 4,5,6,7,8, 9 of them alone even with financial help isn’t an accountable person. Remember that America is not like here where there are househelps, there the woman is the mbotch and still has to go out and work a job or three even with the welfare benefits that they have. Probably why child support is so serious over there coz there’s no even maternity leave, you take your annual paid leave of say 30 days and that’s it. I saw a story of a Kenyan single mom of 2 and she was like if its not support from fellow Kenyans around her she has no idea how she’d have made it through.

There’s what those black male relationship gurus tell you to pander to your ego as black men who feel like you deserve respect given to the white man by your women seeing as the divorce rates are extremely low in the vanilla chocolate marriages it simply goes to show that with a real man, black women are the best wives. Just look at the transformation of Eve the rapper since she met that junguu guy. After having to fight like a man in the black projects with grown men trying to get her hooked on drugs so that they could pimp her out since she was a child, can you imagine being with a white guy who opens doors for you and pulls seats for women as naturally as black men cuss and call women bitch? It’s heavenly, to be able to finally fall back and rest in her feminity. Women adapt to the surroundings bcz they weaker physically in strength they adapt quickly and well.

On the weight, this is not just a black women problem, if black men weren’t going to jail or being drug dealers where you either need to be fit to survive or you have nothing else to do besides working out all day they’d be much fatter. The majority of black people live in food deserts meaning that there are no nutritious foods sold where they live. Furthermore most black women have kids when they are extremely young in their teens actually and have upto 10 abrtions a piece, of course that goes with having little time to take care of themselves bcz usually they are a single mother of at least 4, they are severely depressed bcz of having like ten abrtions, what can you expect from such a woman? No self love, low self esteem, using alcohol or drugs to numb the pain and hardships.

Of course black relationship gurus will pander to whatever appeals to your male ego, that you should get a submissive good looking girl with no investment in the woman by her parents, community, on the man’s part. If you treat a woman poorly from childhood what the ferk do you expect? Life isn’t a Cinderella type movie, what you put in is what you get. No miracles here. So if you black men don’t like your women, guess where the buck stops? Look at white men, Arab men, Indian men, Chinese men. The men whose women you find desirable, look at the investment of the men in those societies. In Arab countries women don’t have to work like mules like black women bcz every Arab child has most everything he or she needs. Chinese men marry their women after showing her family your financial portfolio to prove that you can take care of their daughter. In Africa here if you give 30 small cows like that lawyer who married Akothees sister its news trending in the whole continent. In black American society you just impregnate whoever you come across before you even know her last name. The black society anywhere in the world is just plain mediocre. The ones who are a bit better are those who are serious in church like the Nigerians in UK. But even after black men being raised by good parents and good education upto masters they still want to be effeminate and live off some white woman with no education earning her money by pimping herself out to men on Only Fans. Sometimes I think it’s a curse. I can’t make sense of it. Like what is wrong with you people?


White husband Eve


Black boyfriends Eve


The black women snapped up by whites are the few non-ghetto ones. In 2015, 24% of recently married black men were intermarried, compared with 12% of newly married black women. Black men marry junguus and twice the rate black women do. The funny thing is that’s why black women try to shame black men for “not going with a sister” or “he can’t handle a real woman”. In addition, 25% of black men 20-29yrs are fathers. Meaning 75% are childless, yet there’s a single mother epidemic in the black community and niggas that age range be doing the most damage. If black women had accountability they would see an irresponsible thug with 3 baby mamas and ignore him. But alas, that’s their favourite type of man. She becomes the 4th baby mama. Meanwhile the “boring” one with his shit together goes to marry a junguu. Even funnier is the “passport bros” who leave America to find love abroad are mainly black men. Majority of black men avoid black women and who can blame them. They’re just rude and combative and always yelling Straight up ghetto. So the black women stick with their fellow 25% of ghetto men.
Only black relationship guru I watched relatively a lot is Kevin Samuels and he was even more brutal with men than women. Black women are just told “Hey, a guy making $200K a year isn’t looking for a 35yr old with 2 kids from different men” and women absolutely lose their shit like wtf. That’s just honesty. Meanwhile he tells men things like “You’re broke, you’re fat you’re short. Why should a woman even look at you twice you’re useless” that doesn’t seem like massaging male ego. Only difference is, men are likely to agree with reality and take accountability to work on themselves.
In contrast, a guru like Steve Harvey is who black women like listening to because he lies to women. Woman can be clearly the problem he tells them to know their worth and sets then up for failure.

[SIZE=5]Just a thought …
You need Training and a Driving Licence plus Insurance to legally drive a Car …

Why not do the same for Marriage … ???[/SIZE] :D:D:D

I never listened to Kevin Samuels much bcz why should I waste my time listening to a guy who has a bad relationship with both his mum and his daughter? If you can’t have a good relationship with your parents and your kids plus with all the women you say are at your disposal you are single at 50, I don’t think that there’s any moral authority to advise anyone on relationships.

Relationship dynamics in the ghettos are not simply about loving thugs. I keep telling you that your upbringing affects how you perceive things. If you grew up in the projects you see thugs as alpha males, they’re the drug dealers, pimps and gun runners who everyone respects in the inner cities. An educated lame who has his shit together is seen as weak. Compare Ciaras husband vs Future, who do you think someone who grew up in the hood would pick? Attraction is subliminal and its even affected by your ancestoral epigenetics. For example during slavery days, there were house niggas and field niggas. House niggas are an equivalent of educated lamest. Field niggas equivalent of thugs. Who do you think that the women picked if they had a choice, most definitely the strong, dark skinned field nigga.

I find guys with big eyes hot and I always wondered why. Much later in life I saw a photo of my maternal grandfather who died when I was a baby. He had big eyes. It’s only by being self aware that you can understand why you gravite towards something.

The math of the 72% and the 25% isn’t mathing. So it’s the same 25% black men impregnating the 72% black women? I need to understand this better bcz black men who are 13% of the population make up 75% of the prison population.

Passport bros is the equivalent of mail order brides. Its there even among white men. Personally I don’t understand this you must marry your fellow black man or woman thing when y’all are like 14% of the population. Its some wack black solidarity Bs sold by Umar Johnson and the honorable prophet Elijah mohamed of the nation of Islam who preach that the white man is a devil

Kevin had really good points despite his personal life. A pastor can be the worst human doesn’t mean he’s not preaching what’s in the Bible. However, I can understand not liking him. Tbf you could argue being raised by a single mum messed his practical relationships.
Don’t know Elijah but I know Umar. I agree Umar has that “black power, black love, we were kings” type shit. Kwangu go where you’re appreciated be it a man or woman.
I understand those relationship dynamics but that’s where accountability comes in. You see what has happened to people before you, you see what is happening to you, then you take action. I had a streak where I was attracting psychos. What did I do? Stopped looking at mwili pekee and ignoring red flags. Because it doesn’t make sense for me to complain about these women when I am the common denominator. Attracting them isn’t the problem but allowing them to stay in my life is.
So the women in the hood, they should see their experiences with both the lames and the fun ones, and others experiences to at least make better choices.
Not saying it’s the same 25% impregnating 72% but it can represent the dynamics. The 25% is only for guys aged 20-29. There are still thugs who are 30yrs old. However, the 75% childless who are 20-29 shows that there are a lot of “responsible” men who get passed on for being lame. Like if a 20 year old girl wants to start a life with a black man 20-29yrs old, in every 20 guys that age, 15 are childfree. Not all those 15 are good but at least Kuna options. However, probably ataendea some washed up rapper instead of any of those 15. Then the rapper aingie Embobut.

I have never understood the argument of being raised by a single mother automatically damages you, as a true crime fanatic about 99% of serial killers were raised by both parents. There are alot of successful men and women who were raised by single mothers. They were better off raised by the single mother than by a toxic father. No woman wants to be a single mother but you may never meet someone who you can tolerate and still want a family does that automatically make you a bad parent? If you avoid toxic men or even men in general and you focus on raising your children well they are likely to turn out pretty well. I don’t know if the Samuel guy ever met his dad but he didn’t seem very OK to me. It’s like he was gey low key and unsure of his identity. He seemed somewhat bitter to me. Nyway he had survived cancer so we can’t say much about his outlook on life.

Not really damages, but affects relationships. Kevin wasn’t a “horrible human” by any means but couldn’t maintain a relationship. A lot of guys were single mum wanaambiangwa by the mum just treat girl like a queen atakupenda. They end up expecting other women to love them unconditionally and get broken.
I think he was a “pretty boy” maybe akiwa young. And being a sales person and image consultant he focused a lot on his image to the point it might have seemed gay.

What I have seen with single mums of boys is that they are very possessive of their sons when it comes to women. They become like a wife of the boy. He’s parentified. It is hard for the women who get married to them bcz the mother is larger than life and may not allow the guy to individuate especially if he’s an only child.

Its hard to maintain relationships when you are a perfectionist. Relationships are a huge investment and sometimes they do not appear to give good return on investment and that is why people who are used to being single for long end up forgoing them all together in the long run.