Kuna huu msee wangu uganda… Eti he told me that he bought this pill which enlarged his cucumber by 1.5 inch
Sasa i didn’t believe these pills existed lakini now I’m starting to have doubts
Anyone with experience with this pills? Or any doctor or pharmacist could explain please

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Can I av digits for ua gf if u have

Niulizie kama huko Ug. za kupunguza ujinga zinapatikana?




Jinga NV

what’s the point of diluting your deek muscles bwana NV…just to have a semi-flaccid thing when hard. Not from experience though ni venye naonanga kwa porn… jamaa akona 9 incher but lazima akae akiibembeleza na kui-direct na mkono kila mara.


Uwes ngombe ile maneno yangu uliamu aje?

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Really dude?

Uganda has sexual things that are weird. Ugandan senga have some herbal remedies that work and they are applied on the dick by probably an old woman in a bush.

Be specific , what’s the name of the pill you were told? Then we can try help you from there …
This size issue is normally a self esteem thing, there’s probably no way to enlarge that cucumber , it’s just a very lucrative business because many are vulnerable and doubt their size .

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If anyone had such a pill, they’d be multi-quintillionaires, sawa? Halafu, uliprove aje mboro yake imegrow by 1.5 inch? Uliipima before alafu ukaipima after :eek::eek::eek:? Team patco mna shida.


Sema ni wewe unazitaka. Nashuku ulishindwa kurepresent KTalk. Peleka Bishop training na Arimis tuongee next week.

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Look for Hippobosca longipennis, crush and dry them.
Mix the powder with your morning coffee for a month.
I can assure you you’ll be back here asking villagers on ways of reducing your ultra long pe*i $…

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Hahaha…can’t relate!!!


so ukanunua,ukakorogea kwa chai, then mjulubeng ikapiga reverse. sa hii kanatoshana kama pimple,ukiscratch ndio hiyvo…i will assume haukuona yake ilikua kubwa aje.tunakuombea urudi form.pole kwa msiba

There are no pills that can elongate a penis, it’s a scam. Those who have done it have used an extender device like vimax, sizegenetics etc only to end up with a fluffy d.i.c.k.

There is also a forum dedicated to other natural methods at