Pigsty ideas

Wadau, seeking ideas for where to cheaply buy gypsum boards and MDF boards. Alafu what’s the going rate for the installation fundis


If it’s for your own house, consider HDF

Vile Randy ame kohoa hapo juu I think sheet moja ni 1600

Let me ask.
If you building a crib and decide to have the outside walls with stones and inside walls with gypsum boards can this work.
Like they do with offices.
I stand to be corrected.

For internal walls it wouldn’t serve the same purpose as masonry blocks. Coupled with the fire hazard, poor sound proofing, easy chipping hence higher maintenance, what’s the point? Btw, what offices do gypsum walls?

Thanks for the insight.

Unaweza jenga na hio Chinese technology badala ya ukuta wa mawe?

It’s very possible and durable.You just need good workmanship and quality gypsum.On the photo below,the wall with the picture is gypsum while the other is stone.[ATTACH=full]262723[/ATTACH]

Safi sana.
Cost of the two?.
Am toying with this idea.