Pictures of the Day: VW Beetle in Ethiopia

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They’re well kept these ones

Mech wa Kijiji tell us what upgrades this gem can accomodate .:):slight_smile:

boxer engine. EJ20 to be precise. tried and tested

This is beastly!

I have a friend who has a 1969 or 1979 one. Everytime i am there, he picks me from the airport in it. wonderful car


Doesn’t it have a cylinder head au am seeing my own things.?

My old man owes one.

kila kitu iko. are you familiar with the boxer engine?


Engine layout is similar for both engines

sweeeeeeheeeeeheeeet stuff!

Certainly not. Ambia yeye Subaru

Meet the Super bug with a Chevy V8 engine.
The real sleeper.

hehehehe wacha i tafuta it’s video on youtube