Pictures of the Day: 2018 WordCup Stadiums

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Testimony to President Putin for reviving Russia back to a power house. Sochi winter Olympics was the first showpiece success and this will be the second. Just go to Skyscrapercity Russia and see the development across the continent size country. From infrastructure, industry, defence, utilities etc.

nice stadiums. sisi bado tunangoja za Uhuruto.

I was greatly disappointed we didn’t fulfill it at the first term. Let’s await news of the same.

hapo walituangusha. they got a chance to make things right with CHAN, they fucked up again. we can’t afford to pussyfoot anymore when it comes to important infrastructure.

Ngoja watu watalia debt ni mingi but at the same time want such infrastructure projects. The proposed renders for Nairobi Rugby/football stadium. Mombasa multi purpose stadium as well but now county government has refused to handover the site for a joint project. Lastly Eldoret multipurpose stadium renders are out and they can’t wait for it to begin. Kisumu stadium had stalled over land but gov nyong is already trying by relocating the dumpsite next to the proposed land.

What are those tulights kwa pitch? Za kugrow nyasi?

Ungeweka captions za locations tafsari.

Where will the ones for Eld and Msa be located?

after worldcup kutaendaje ama Brazil style

Eldy is easy as their are three parcels of land that national government is considering and county government has given full support for either. Mombasa is tricky. The land is under county government and they claim they can do it themselves only that it will be now small like Bukhungu stadium Kakamega. Alternative land is being considered in the mainland.

Hata ya Msa they should locate it on the mainland, the island is too congested.

Gov 1 hapo ananiangusha.

In terms of development, jamaa yuko down.

Na ametulia after elections. What might he be planning?