Pictures Of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar And Others In 40 Years Time

These are the old age pictures of of the current best football players in the world.

Are you aware these numerous “challenges” being posted on social media are engineered by AI companies keen on making their products more accurate? Kuna ingine ya 10 year challenge, people were posting their 2009 vs 2019 photos all over. That was a real goldmine for them.

I agree with you

FaceApp crap

Nyakundi says that the eerie app they are using for this crap is harvesting data. Its Russian. Nyakundi gets things right. mara mob sana

How come nobody is balding? This app just puts wrinkles and white hair.
Looks like crap.

I tried the female filter and I nearly took myself on a date…hehe

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I think they are collecting data

Watu wa conspiracy, explain please how posting a 2009 and 2019 photo,or artificially aging an image, collects your data.

Privacy is a very big issue in this digital age.

case study one. 2009/2019 photo

So simple, allows social platforms to train their facial recognition algorithms by obtaining differently aged faces of a person and comparing the different dimensions of your old face to the new one. A sample use case would be to process the image of a terrorist who has not been sighted by the public in maybe 15yrs and telling the public he probably looks like this now

One of the most efficient and notable use of crowd sourcing of information is
When you upload a photo, automatically the application gets not only your image, but IP address, location and phone metadata e.g. brand, imei etc. If you opt for extra features and add an email address as well slowly we can recreate a profile of who you are

E.g. Nattydread of email [email protected] is a black man/woman(we can advertise skin lightening creams, wigs, braids, sneakers) who uses a iPhone X(we can advertise iphone apps and games, iphone covers and offers etc), likes doing x things etc etc and finally here is his picture.

On their own apps like FaceApp which is currently trending with over 60m downloads to show you how you will look like in future are not harmful but if they are owned or acquired by other companies or sell your data to other companies to build their user profiles then it gets tricky since your information is in the hands of other people that you have not engaged with beforehand.

It is very fishy that the popular FaceApp does not include the image processing algorithm in their application and your submitted images have to be uploaded to the cloud, processed and then downloaded to your app for you to view. One can argue it makes it harder to reverse engineer the application hence protect their business since the actual AI algorithm does not reside on the phone but at the same time why does the application not offer me a button or link that when clicked deletes all my submitted images that reside on their cloud. This is a very simple feature to incorporate technically but they chose not to. So if you want to have your images deleted you must head over to the report bug section and request for your info to be deleted. But remember the company says that the reps say they have too much backlog requests of the same which probably means that your request will probably never be acted upon.

All of this information will be very useful on the next technological advancement wave which is AI and Augmented Reality. E.g. Companies like google now want you to easily be able to search more efficiently using photos than text alone. Another example is that AI designed by Google was able to beat a human pro GO(dubbed the most complex human board game by most) player for the first time this year on a star studded event by having the computer play thousands of iterations of games against amatuer and pro players around the world and use this information to build intelligence.

A final example is the use of Google Recapta. When visiting a ‘secured’ website, you are asked to enter two sets of wavy distorted words to prove that you are not a bot. What most users do not know is that they have been enlisted in a project to translate am old book, magazine or phamplet into an accurate, searchable and easily sortable computer text file. The first set is a word that the computer knows or has been verified to be what it is and then the 2nd set of characters is a word that the computer does not know. In a day, 200 million recaptchas are entered across the world. So if we had two words from an old book like ‘dog xyz’ and we want to know what x means. This set is fed to 1 million people and if 700k get the first set correct and most say ‘dog bites’ we say xyz represented bites. Now we feed them another set. Now google is using the same formula for us to train their image recognition AI by using captchas that ask as mark all boxes that have car or street light or mark all tree and mountain ranges instead of text as they have translated close to all known old books

You are absolutely right… On the recaptcha thing, I used to take advantage of this and enter only the first word correctly and for the other one I would just enter garbage yet Google would let me through. Few websites use it now though

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This is massive, just seen congress senator has written to FBI to investigate the FaceApp company with russian links