Pictures Of Africans In Asia

[SIZE=6]Pictures Of Africans In Asia[/SIZE]

such a huge statement from a very massive sample of 3 photos

China is heavily polluted my fren,

We need to develop our own nations - hii maneno ya kukimbia kwa wenyewe for greener pastures ikome.

or maybe the african has a peculiar smell:D…[SIZE=1]ama ni aroma?[/SIZE]

I always wonder why the ugly ones are the one who seem more racist!!

"beta male’’ detected kwa hio 3rd pic…yani badala ya hiyo ndume ifikirie vile itasample different varieties inafikiria Kama mwanamke racist…bure sana. In Greek they say “Hiti ii kinyiria ndinoraga” .

Maybe they be a little more sensitive to body odour since “East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese) have fewer apocrine sweat glands compared to people of other descent, making East Asians less prone to body odor”.

Or maybe racism. Either way… nothing to care about.

Tulikosea wapi jameni! Angalia vile gatheca Anatu DFBLMK na bado tuna endelea

those niggas stink! sweat pores nothing!

Good . Then give people opposhunities and no one will leave

I won’t lie to u…this is a racist msg directed at Africans. Don’t blame them though, it’s what their media tells/shows them about Africa.

Lemme tell u a short story. One time me and my african buddy tulikuwa kwa underground train and then some young chic akajishika mapua hivo. I looked at her and just shook my head. Saizo maboy tunanuka marash kali.

One german lady akaona vile amefanya…she told the nose holding gal off. Told her these guys are not smelling and infact niyeye anaeza kuwa ananuka coomer.

Told her that she is the type of people who make German look like a racist nation.

She was supported by other passengers. The nose holding gal alishuka nxt station na aibu. …and everyone clapped in unison.

You probably do.

:D:D:D:D everyone loves little people.

Am not a dwarf/mbilikimo…uwesmake made u assholes believe it but am okay with it. :D:D:D. U will never see me catching feelings up in here on pple who dont know me in real life…ghasia

the super “N-word”

I’ve never understood why Chinese think they are better, they are ugly af. İ don’t like them at all.

What is stopping those Africans from covering their noses too?

Tuoshe mecho

In a place like Germany, you stab someone if they do this. Prisons in those countries are better than hotels.