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The Kiunas. Do u trust them with the word of God??[ATTACH=full]144018[/ATTACH]

Those high heels ni mshahara ya most peasants kwa hii kijiji for a year… So I hear

Mimi kanisa ni Anglican church of Kenya pekee yake


cut them some slack. are they forbiden from observing Halloween?

:D:D:D:D:D zinaitwa stilettos ntakununulia hapa Cayole for Christmas

Every day?

Opium of the masses …Kuna slay fulani huenda church yao alikua ananiambia ati hao(the kiunas) huitwa mum and dad respectively ATI hio mentorship ya men yenye mzee hufanya include men polishing his shoes in his house imagine a hairy balled imei with grown hairs on the chest and where the sun doesn’t shine fuckin polishing another man’s shoes under the auspices of mentorship ! Hehe wacha ikae and don’t get me started on daughters of zion and women without limits chieth

Safi kabisa mtumishi kwa wote. Same case here, Mombasa Memorial Cathedral.

Was that picture taken everyday:)?


Hiyo mambo ya mum na dad ndio hunichanganya… it sounds desperate and needy…

spam tambua colonialist religion! before those white devils showed up, my forefathers communicated with our God directly and he used to hear them. hii ingine yote ni upuss.

Mocking the devil !

Here I’ll defend them. Huu ujinga wa Mwafrika wa ku-conform na ku-behave kama ‘mtu mzima’ ndiyo kills our creativity and innovation. People can’t have a bit of fun? PULIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

umbwaa muzee

@GeorginaMakena…pls come and defend your Pastors.

wacha kuita hiyo saitan kwa hii thread itakuja kunukisha meffi hapa.

You are in a v foul mood:D:D:D:D:Dsi nimekuona kwingine umekasirika sana!chill it is a slow sunday. Naje did I see your name in the hall of proud polygamists? mayekeyeke, imei2012 na nikaongezea my secret crush incognitus.
Ave a good day.

I don’t believe that shit. Its a twisted concept really, that someone has tapped into the ‘business’ of selling faith and aligns it with their real interests.