I wanted to install photoshop kwa my computer. Sasa this guy amenipea adobe cs6 suite mzima a whole 12GB of it. Someone please walk me through process ya kuinstall photoshop from it. Thengio

Click on the set up… Wait kidogo as it initialises… I will bring thise terms and conditions blah blah blah accept. Install as trial. Then it will show you all the adobe suite softwares. Tick only photoshop and untick the rest. Click install n wait as it install. When done it will show you… Now kama wewe ni sonko buy a license key and support the devs. Kama wewe ni hasora then use the dll method to crack the software. If you use a licence key ukiconnect comp to mneti itajiuncrack. Enjoy your phottoshop n grab some tuts from youtube. Create some stuff n post for us here to see

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I recommend you also install illustrator

ddepends on what he wants to do.

Yeah, but photoshop and illustrator go hand in hand… That is if he wants to go deeper into graphics

No they don’t, illustrator is for print work layouts. If your graphics are for digital use I don’t see why you need it.

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If he’s into it for fun or just photo editing yes, but you are no complete graphic designer without the mastery of AI or a similar software

Maybe i had read much into the thread. Maybe he’s a photo studio guy. But if you want to include your edited photos into other media say brochures, magazines, posters, text, they work well together

Guyz its just for fun, curiosity, exploration. Im not a graphic designer
@Deorro iyo setup ndio sioni. Nimemcall uyo jamaa aliniekea it seems kuna files hakucopy

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Did you find another photoshop setup? you can find one in kikkass, besure to read comments to get one which is working its around 1.2 gb if you have sufficient internet to handle large downloads. also alongside youn will find installation notes in a .txt file