Am looking for the best software for editing Photos to Painting.Like the one below.

  • I have some basics at Photoshop Cs6

si utumie hiyo Photoshop unajua, hakuna better software kushinda hiyo.

I am definitely sure you have some 30 pieces of silver!

Light room

Thank you, I’ll get some tutorials on YouTube. Never thought photoshop can do that

Plug in do that… I rem using alien skin sometime back… Converts images to painting complete with the type of stroke you desire.

anataka ile inatumia voice command and his imagination to complete the work. Nigger hates hardwork.

FYI, my photoshop skills are selftaught from scratch, kama huwezi saidia mtu bila kuongea vibaya nyamaza bro. Politeness is not taught in school.


pengine illustrator