photo that made the photographer commit suicide after criticism


Famous photos that shockd the world…

Famous photos that shockd the world…

Because everyone blamed him for abandoning the helpless dying kid. Everyone used to ask him 'what happened? Did you save the kid?" Usually there was no answer. Eventually he lost his job, his money, dignity and eventually his life. Just imagine if he had grabbed the kid and took it somewhere for special feeding. He would have probably won a Nobel peace prize apart from many other endorsements. .poor guy.

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some illusion…

This image reminds me of another similar situation during the Rwanda genocide. A number of diplomats were trapped inside a building in kigali together with Tutsis who were being massacred by the Hutus. The Hutu militia (intera hamwe) had surrounded the building ready to invade and execute their victims. When word reached the peace keeping UN soldiers, they rushed there to evacuate. When they reached there, the Tutsis were very happy that the soldiers had come to save them so they came out of their hideout. They were wrong. The white soldiers only evacuated white diplomats!
One diplomat says that as soon as the truck carrying them left the compound, hundreds of intera hamwe could be seen storming the compound and mercilessly slaughtering the Tutsis. They all died. If the soldiers had stayed put, probably a few would have been saved.
I hear most soldiers who are alive today still cannot believe that they let a manageable situation get out of hand which led to hundreds of thousands of live being lost. Sad

Humanity has a pricy value…u can blame it on karma mayb

not karma…mwafrika hana lake…kama ni wazungu wangeachwa it would have been a very big worldwide affair

At the time that Carter took the photograph, he was a deeply troubled man, haunted by the things he had seen during his career, plagued by personal problems, and battling a drug habit. Only months after receiving the Pulitzer, Kevin Carter took his own life. Thus, it is too simplistic to suggest that he committed suicide as a direct result of his experience with this child…

I still fail to understand how someone can butcher a human being yaani. …kukata shingo ya mtu huku anascream and crying etc. kweli how evil can humans be…

Hissing sound. Kama mfereji ilikua inatoa maji alafu ikaisha all of a sudden

It is a sorry state that Africans still experience starvation and tribal wars and our leaders still act and talk as if everything is okay.

I cannot believe we’re that stupid.

Wanadamu ndo shetani bado…

Conscience can eat a man to the bones.
What is the Swahili word for conscience?

Dhamira is the word

sasa debate ni mambo ya picha?! tsk

RIP photographer na mtoto

did the kid survive…?

@Ndauwo @Mwenyewe the word is Dhamiri

Dhamiri is a verb…dhamira is a noun