Hello fellow elders. Need your opinion,and help.

Usually i have been making just normal calls to my contacts and its been ok,with no interference.

But lately, like since one week ago…there has been these interference whenever i make a call to the specific numbers of a lady i’ve been ‘seeing’.:smiley:

At first i thought it was normal,that it had to do with airtel and then i became paranoid to the highest level,when again it started with her safaricom number…earlier whenever i called,we would talk ok,with no interference,and then things started to change…last week,when i called or she called me, we would talk for like 3-5 min before the interference…now as from thursday,when i call her or when she calls me, the calls would go into those noisy interferences just immediately after hi,like 10-15 seconds…

Now elders,i need your knowledge,opinion and help…Is it possible to tap someone’s call here in Kenya,listen on their conversations,and even text messages…

The lady has just informed me that her ex is a CID…Na roho imeruka hadi Kampala…
Wadau nipeni opinion yenu…nikae chonjo na vigilant nisidungwe kisu kwa matako au kukatwa makagari…au ikoje…
And is there an app to check,or block that phone tap!!!

Very possible. 6 years ago I noted the same. The clicks and noisy interruptions would happen when I was calling over the weekend. I would immediately tell her I will call her back and retry severally. I once told her verbally in person about it then called her. Once the clicks began I said I know they are tapping my calls and my inhouse informant has given me their details.
Conicidentally it stopped henceforth.

Use internet calls. Whatsapp, zoom, telegram E. T. C

She has call recording software. Mwambie atoe hio upuzi.

A little advice:
[li]Dump the hooker coz the plans she has for you, only she knows.[/li][li]That’s call recording- She is recording your calls and whatever this will be used for is definitely against you. Point 1 is summary.[/li][li]Nothing to do with your main chick.[/li][li]@ntash has advised you accordingly-normalize internet calls with side pieces. [/li][/ol]

Stay woke… chapa simu na rungu.

nunua gunia utembeange nayo alafu useme mto yenye unataka kuwekwa

Fuata roho iko Kampala msee. Ingia Budongo forest. Fellow apes the chimps will keep you company. Rudi after one year

Na kama hiyo kunguru haina bundles?

Call recording is inbuilt in android phones, you don’t need an external app for this. Therefore, if she’s recording the phone conversations, there would be no giveaway whatsoever…

His concern is not Her recording. It is a third party recording.
The Android app records only GSM calls. Are you sure there is a internet based calls recording feature?

Where did that feather weight cid/intelligence dating bitch go?

nowadays they removed call recording from android

Kuna jamaa ya IT iko diaspora iligift bibi yake simu nkajua hapa kuna maneno…not long ago simu iliharibika and the guy hatulii na insecurities mob according to bibi…all along we’ve been communicating using a kabambe I bought her with a new number…naingia karura soon before its too late

Then you are a low key dude dealing with low key girls.

Tema hio taxin

Someone is monitoring her phone

:D:D:Dango kwani uko ushago hii rusungu sijaelewa

Kuna siku tuli realize simu ya baba ina overheat kila time all over a sudden… Kumbe ni mwizi wa sugoi Ruto alikuwa ameenda Uganda kuomba mjinga museveni ile software ya pegasus watumie ku spy top government officials…

My android 10 device has it, pale kwa call settings.