Phone Sensors

● Barometer
● Ambient Light Sensor
[SIZE=5]● Side-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor
● Infrared Thermometer Sensor
● Proximity Sensor
● Accelerometer
● Gyroscope
● Electronic Compass[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]With all this sensors on your phone, can you imagine the information AI can calculate and implement![/SIZE]

You can disable these sensors by a click.

Niaje Zipporah ?

I’m sure they already have all the algorithms they need by now.

I knew a certain Cabron would see that:D

:D:D sì senor !
Leta hekaya basi…who dis Zipporah before we jump into our own conclusions ?

Asubuhi hii yote mami?:D:D:D

Dont forget the infomeshen you gave out,your health,you location,political affiliation,kinks,favourite destination,weather, all to push,products your way

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The phone has a mic that listens to all your conversations…whether you are making/receiving a call or not…that’s scary.

Alafu mkichapa story juu ya Subaru, unaanza kuona adds za subaru

Si ungeanza na @Tia Dalma who proved to be another @Sleekgal?

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How goes our wager ?

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I’m still holding out hope though. He’ll be back. Wacha alemee akina uwesnyau for now.