Hi guys I have a crippling fear of grasshoppers kuna moja imeingia kwa nyumba nikaanza kupiga nduru na kutokwa na machozi. All the neighbors are laughing at me which makes me feel worse. How do I deal with my fear? My phobia started when a grasshopper bit my finger when I was a small boy. Tafadhali nisaidieni.

Grow a pair down there. Sasa ukiogopa insect nani atavalia trau kwa nyumba

Give me a few suggestions how to overcome this problem

Its all in the mind. Get to kill a few then ita fade away. Same way kids uogopa giza hadi wanajikojolea kwa kitanda, recovery ni kuwapunguzia light pole pole gradually tu wazoee.

Try Exposure therapy
This type of therapy involves gradually exposing you to the source of your phobia and repeating exposure to help change your response to insects. This is also referred to as systematic desensitization. Exposure therapy usually begins with talking about your fear of insects.

Google more about it am sure it will be helpful, [ATTACH=full]307175[/ATTACH]

Yani an adult male with 32 teeth anaogopa grasshopper design ya kupiga nduru mpaka neighbors wanakuja rescue :D:D…ndio maana NYS or KDF should be compulsory for men between 18 and 20 so that we don’t become a society of pussies.

I have a phobia of big Grasshoppers/locusts and large moths as well, lakini siwezi jiruhusu kupiga nduru let alone cry, fuck that:D my biggest phobia is looking like a bitch.

Kwani ilikua uchungu sana?. Mine started when i was little too. My older cousins would scare me with large grasshoppers.

You need realize that you are much bigger and dangerous than them and they can’t really harm you.

Also, your ancestors faced off with dangerous predators sasa grasshoppers ndio nini? Don’t embarrass them.

Matusi ni ya nini

Ile kitu utado mse wa cyber with your 9k salo is buy a pair of bata slippers and kill all these mofos you ever encounter in your vicinity… Nyemelea and strike when near by launching said slipper flat faced at the unsuspecting locust. Done correctly itakua imedunda incapacitated… Proceed to pick it up from the back by grasping both its jumping legs and abdomen… Observe specimen up close na utazoea hiyo shit fungua window tupa nje. After several such attempts hiyo uoga bado itakua but greatly minimised. We always kill/fear that which we don’t understand


Locusts don’t bite. Hata ikikuuma huwezi jua. Totally harmless unless you are a plant.

Your vipii neighbors watakuwa wanaweka kapo kwako nje ya gate and watch from a distance laughing.


How do you survive on 9k per month in Nairobi?

I have Ophidiophobia surely. Even if I see a snake 100 meters away, I would run the other way, I am not going to wait and watch what it would next. Although, I am always curious what it do and want to know where it is and what it doing, but I am just scared to go near it.

It’s possible for a teetotaling bachelor.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D wacha ufala

I have 6 kids, two ex wives, a girlfriend, heavy drinker, morbidly obese smoker and I survive


  • Rent= 3k
    -Food = 200×30= 6k
    -Fare= 80× 25= 2k
    -Others= 1k
    This is the minimum you can survive on.

cowards with their tails tucked between their legs all over these streets, they should be shot on sight and their remains thrown to the dogs

Get some doom. After you kill afew you’ll feel empowered. Slay your demons kind of thing. I hate locusts too. Kwanza the recent invasion zikajaa jaa. Weh. Small muscular looking tiny demons.
I shiver thinking about them. Nilikanyanga hizo ghasia and the crunch their small bodies made was so satisfying