philosophy at a glance

What should someone who is thanatophobic yet tired of living do?

Things tend to get better with time Sis. Give time a chance… your worries today will be your crown tomorrow… Give hope hope.

Wadau niwaulize. Is thanatophobic the fear of Thanos?

Everybody is afraid of death, but why are you tired of living?

Soma ,vitabu za Frederick Nietzsche,Kama gay science , Ecce Homo,…and you shall find happiness

Console yourself with the fact that whenever you look at the sky “above” you , the extent of what you see is infinite. And if we are sure of anything, it’s death - so unambiguous

Are there asexual people in the world?

Yeah, CBK governor Patrick Njoroge is probably asexual, why should that bother you?

Thanks. Tell me, is he married?

Look, don’t let society pressure you into doing smth that isn’t for you.

Sasawa.Thanks for your advice.