Phew ! ! ! Hii Kenya banaa .


At least huyu amekanyanga pavement amevalia nguo imefuliwa na omo, na ako na sauti inafikishwa twitter. There people without a voice, hawajawahi kanyanga pavement ama kuona manicured fences ama stima, dying quietly in the dark wierd corners of Coast Province, North Eastern, Ukambani, West Pokot, Turkana etc.

Ukambani actually has some of the best health services mashinani, probably the best in the country. Makueni and Kitui counties have their own affordable care programs, NHIF is just a backup. Machakos has an ambulance parked in every ward. There are 3 level five hospitals in the region and all of them are farely well managed… doctors have not been corrupted too much by private labs and pharmacies.