@Phenomenal Woman

You owe talkers an hekaya.tumengoja tangu thursday…punda amechoka…

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@Phenomenal Woman show yourself, if not expose yourself.

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Jana was epic…I just got home. Here’s the breakdown of how things went down:

The rain kinda delayed everything, he had to come pick me from my place at 2pm. Alichelewa,he was held up running some errands which frustrated me ata i was about to call the whole thing off but a thirsty woman is not one to say no. Tukafika, i cooked fish, ugali and skuma. He helped cut the tomatoes & onions, stealing a number of kisses, creeping behind me kiasi kiasi…kept placing me on top of the kitchen counter…(hinting his expectations afterwards :):)). His bro passed by to have lunch akatuongelesha in length about the Pope’s visit but could see that we were clearly not interested in Pope talk akaenda.

After lunch, nikaosha vyombo…everything clean and joined him in the sito. We talked for about 3 hours when watching Red 2. Tukiongea we would kiss severally cuddling on the sofa, environment was cosy kila kitu super awesome. The real deal started at the stairs going to his room upstairs…The kisses intensified, he grabbed my boobs amid the soft caresses, sucked them dry…he’s so good at this. Hakua anazibembeleza …I love it soft, then rough…he gave me exactly that!

Hio ndio hekaya kwani mulikuwa munaexpect nini?
Alisema it was an epic failure. sasa she is in mourning mode. Hata job leo hajaingia.:D:D:D



He he, I warned her in advance she was going to get disappointed.

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Creme was seen leaving the site in considerable haste


She said she was a creamer but i can confirm she is a bleeder and i have the evidence with me.;););):wink:


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@mtu chuma ashafanya kazi ya Secretary akapost on my behalf. My sweetheart and I are doing really well…I’m heading there after work today. I can’t stay away from him…I can’t help it. :D:D:D @Weston , ama ulikuwa unataka details??

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Wanawake wa Kenya vitombeo…Phenomenal woman kitombeo…

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kujia hii Ngotha yako. I said you are a bleeder…

Cambodian detected

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Just ruined my appetite when I was eating. Yuk!!!

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jiekee buda. acha ufala:(:frowning: