Pharmacy Inventory management software

A client of mine is looking for such kind of a software for his newly opened tiny pharmacy; the main purpose being, to track the sales.
A simple, cheap, easy to use, single machine software is what he’s looking for.
Price range (average) free to35k per licence.
@Mjuaji, wajuaji na wajuzi wengine tafadhali nipeni mawaidha, links nk…

I can do one kindly give me this deal, it will help me put into practice what I have been learning.
Foreal I can handle this, a good POS and an inventory managing(tracking sales, expiries etc)

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Nyinyi niwale hufungua kibanda mbele ya supermarket kuharibu biz
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:D:Dtunaongelea software sio spreadsheets

QuickBooks POS

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