Kuna watu wamekazana kitanuka this time round, tatizo ni hakuna mwenye anataja wale wataleta fujo. People are creating tension nyengine hata inasinya.

My grandma and her sisters are calling me ati Msa watu wanapigana niende Taita, mimi nabaki kushangaa.

Kitu ni hivi, wewe rauka kwenda pigia mtu wako kura nenda home relax, if we all do that shida iko wapi.

Unapata mutu anasema himself he will vote then go home, but police should not tell people to go home. Hata nashangaa si basi pia yeye abaki hapo basi.

Go vote UOTP, Go vote RWNEBP. Whatever the outcome preach peace and behave peaceful. Justice ni kotini.

I watched something yesterday I thought was very interesting some clown with a title of Dr. running a blog explaining how the online s.hit works. He was very particular on how fear campaign work. elaborating how anger subsides with time but fear persists ! this on national tv! Basically the clown was telling the whole world how they are paid to sell the sick narrative.

I agree with you. In fact don’t even preach anything, just go home. In case of any disagreement from the contestants, our justice system will handle everything professionally!

Rink? These elections have shown there are just too many busybodies searching for relevance. And sadly, our media plays along.

Si hata hapa unaona hao ma busybodies wako tu

The biggest obstacle to peace, after 2017 elections is one Raila Amolo Odinga, aka Tinga, Agwambo, arap Mebei, Baba, Babu, Baba Fidel, woud Akinyi, Engineer, Retired Prime Minister bla bla bla.
This man has declared, if this time he fails to win the Presdential vote, He won’t be heading to the courts at all. The man has prepared his political base for violence.
They will be a little bit of violence, but the magnitude will be no where near 2007.
Hapo kibera na kondele kisumu.

our media has too much time and nothing to fill it without spending money…

Cast your vote and go home. Its that simple. If you want to hang around the polling station be prepared for the worse.But am sure there is one person who won’t be seen near the polling station or on the streets . ask manono how it happened when he was coming from alleged interview with stones in his pocket

Boss uko wapi? Mwelezee waiter akupe mbili kwa bill yangu.
U have spoken…tupige kura twende zetu nyumbani.

I remember a footage of this manono with a stone in his pocket walking amongst the protesters yet he claimed he was from attending an interview.
Jamaa alikanyangwa kakaa kama gari la moshi limekata reli likampata.

Even a neutral thread like this one You still have the guts to drug Railas name into, … stop being petty and personal, reason

Wtf Dude, RAO, said it, he won’t be heading to the Supreme Court if he loses elections. Maybe i missed a point, where will be heading to ?
Him RAO has said the only result the he will accept is that of a NASA win, so, what is included in him not accepting the results ?
Uwanja ni wako Bi. @Colombo-Combolo .

He said if elections are not credible “ARE NOT CREDIBLE” now you want to bangle elections and still tell some tribes Kenya can survive without you man, Each tribe and every persons opinion must be respected, and everybody has a choice provided its within the law, so don’t bullshit me ati Raila will not go to court kwani is he above the LAW, if the authorities know he has committed atrocities then why don’t they prosecute him in a legit and legal manner

What about him not going to the Supreme Court ?

Eish!!! we still have 4days to election and u want him in the supreme court???, okay lets not preach politics of division and individual characters, come August 8th cast ur vote and go home enjoy urself, peacefully as u await the results, hope ur in Kenya
@jumabekavu, Kwamkwa maana, maze nime miss wataita sana vile mi hu Kunde, huyo siz wako ni supu supu hivi uskume yeye huku, asking for a fyiend RESPECTFULLY

link hamna. It was John Alan Namu interveiwing some guy about the 36 bloggers on ktn news channel.

it is similar to that anti Raila propaganda video of how a Raila Presidency is doom for the country - creating fear.

Those 36 fools are the propagaters of fear online sasa