Petition Affidavits

The Judiciary website suddenly disappeared right before the full judgments were read, and there have been claims that documents pertaining to the petition had been vanishing and replacements more favourable to the NASA line were replacing them.

Fortunately, there could be originals online that will defeat the obfuscation. These were posted a month ago:


na haijarudi bado!..Maraga is meffi


Halafu ile original affidavit ya Ole Kina imetolewa, wakabadilisha jina la ya ile ya Ogla Karani. Duplicated and yanked!

They faulted IEBC for computer problems, but find it OK to vaporize a website and keep mum.


I trust PSCU have the original post, screenshots and downloads.

Meanwhile this mofo was so busy rioting that he forgot about his case.

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Huyu Maraga sijui kama anaelewa computer ni nini

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naswa wakora

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Too busy hunting and stalking a MILF, and risking his all because he knows that Passaris is Baba’s side-dish, for the days when he’s tired of eating wild hog and wants Uplands pork. @Female Perspective, are you with me?;);):wink:

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And there is no Jubilee person with balls enough to question that from the relevant authorities.Isorait

The guilty are afraid. Kwanza these moves smack of JaKuon vibaya. Throughout his past, he ropokwas some bs and then realizes he just shot himself. The buffoon then aggravates the situation by trying to clumsily reverse himself.

I read somewhere that Itumbi and “friends” had anticipated this would happen and took ‘counter measures’.

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