Peter pan generation

The ‘Peter Pan generation’ is a sizeable group of 25 to 40-year-olds who exist in a state of extended adolescence, avoiding the trappings of responsibility — marriage, mortgage, children — for as long as possible.

‘Our society is full of lost boys and girls hanging out at the edge of adulthood,’ says Professor Frank Furedi, a sociologist who has been studying this phenomenon, at the University of Kent.

‘Another word sometimes used to describe these people is “adultescent” — generally defined as someone who refuses to settle down and make commitments, and who would rather go on partying into middle age.’

These people, he says, might live with their parents until they are in their 30s, choose to put off getting married as long as they can — or even remain single well into adulthood, continuing the life they had in their early 20s.

You only need to look at the statistics to observe this intriguing trend. Hapa kenya we have no shortage of these individuals, guys who know how to have fun but don’t like to take responsibilities.

No society can exist with such kinds of individuals as its pillar.

like Maina.

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I don’t blame them, after watching many marriages fail and hearing horror stories from their married friends, what’s left to do but to avoid this marriage thing all together.Actually they are more wiser.

theres the other side of the story as well…

zalisha nje and let the lady be a single mom…chip in once in a while

@old monkey…am past 35… 3kids. 1st

form 2 .second class 8… third… class one… i stay with my kids and their nanny… so… where do i fall ?? thats a blanket research… u feel me ??

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If you have plans of ever marrying, best do it and get it over with. Hakuna haja kupata watoi when you are 60 mpaka they call you grandpa instead of dad…

@old Monk- Take your time. Charles Njonjo married at 52.He is now a busy grandfather.

@ol monk must be Peter Pan mwenyewe

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ungesema wewe ni peter na sio pan ama wewe ni pan sio peter:D