Peter Munga Equity "shareman" Vs Late Njenga Karume shidren

while the children of The late Njenga Karume (mola amrehemu) are busy battling court cases to get their “entitlement” in their crumbling empire which is under trustees…Mr Peter Munga seems to have taken a different direction for his children…according to this article

His children have taken key positions and are successfully running core subsidiaries of his empire…I guess if. The Matibas , kirima’s,karume’s children had taken the same path things would be different…

Munga is quite evasive of his wealth…not like the loud mouth kirubi…anyway time will tell

i agree

Karume For you further reading…

For those youngins…najua you might be wondering who Karume is…

Is it anything to do with level of education? Manajua Njenga hamakua mamesoma.


True lakini alikuwa ambitious and a go getter

Even Kanyotu’s and Koinange’s families are involved in bitter feuds over wealth.

Am I the only one without stereotyping ,who finds men from Muranga very hardworking and aggressive especially when given resources
and opportunuties

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Yes we are.

there was a big supremacy battle in Kenyattta’s years between the Tycoons from Kiambu and Muranga…that goes on till this day

Actually this is a problem with most africans, instead of fathers grooming their children to take over their empires they prefer the children to struggle for their own properties juu “hii mali ni yangu jitaftie yako” mentality. though good it tends to remove any sense of entitlement in the part of the child and hence you normally see empires crumbling when mzee passes on…


Tycoons from Kiambu are something to reckon with…but peeps from Muranga even the young guys you meet in the day to day shugulis
are very innovative and are thinking differently

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The hindus really groom their children and keep their wealth within …their family circles

…to the extent of marrying relatives.

I wouldn’t tell the difference between a person from Kiambu and one fron Muranga either from their names,look or accent


In many cultures it’s quite ok to marry your cousins…many Asians have arranged marriages that are arranged at birth which cement ties between families

I would support a hard line stand until the kid gets a college education; then afterwards you can slowly integrate him in the business but from low level positions although rising through the ranks faster than the rest of the employees.

did kamani,pattni,karumes,munguku of this world had college education?if your child likes business,just teach him,her the ropes

This is exactly the wrong way of doing things.
I have worked with Jungus who own their own businesses and whatever the nature of the business,you will see their kids (sons especially) coming to work with them on weekends and during school holidays. The son may be 7 years old and the father probably runs a transport business but the boy from that tender age will grow up not just seeing the father as a rich guy but they learn the discipline and responsibility that comes with owning and being rich.
We Africans grow without even knowing what dad does for a living while going to private schools etc. Instead of introducing our kids to the Realities of what it takes to be rich and wealthy,we invest in making sure that they never have to learn that it takes sheer hard work and determination to be rich and wealthy by pampering them with all that money can buy.When you die they are left lost in an aggressive world that is unforgiving and where Nothing is for Free.


Cousins? In-breeding. And they don’t get freaks for children, I wonder what they do.

Qatar and many Arab countries are facing a lot of problems due to first cousin marriages.