Peter Keneth

Whats his game plan ?
This Chap only surfaces during Elections

Why should we bother with his personal life?

fafanua zaidi, who is he, wengine wetu ni wageni hapa na hatujui peter kenneth. kwa nini umeona elders wanafaa kujua kwenye yuko? How does his being here or there concern us?

He is a top notch opportunist. Just like the other chotara Passaris who will be defecting sooner than later

Si ni kazi anatafutaga

Leta hekaya boss, mlipitana wapi?

Kuna watu wenye self importance huwa fuck sana Kenneth would have just concluded two terms uninterrupted as governor for muranga but yeye huona kwa ndoto zake as a national figure without knowing he just culling himself from the pool as a man you have to tame ambition sahi ndindi nyoro has better say than him

That’s just life in short…if WSR lost this past elections bado people would have brought up this theory of you need to tame your ambitions…but you will never know how things would have turned out unless you try…

Bro kuna kitu inaitwa acceptance in wsr he had a sure 50-50 split so in that case you can attempt a shot but in pk case come on! But as they say you miss only the shots you don’t take wish him well though.

Ni shiny eye political juvenile for hire

… is a useless brownskin

He gambled and picked the losing team. He has to stay in the cold for the next 5 years.

Nigga is a billionaire many times over. Kuna an apartment block nilicheki spring valley walisema ni yake ghaai pure baller shit. Mbona mtu amezaliwa na kugrow Nairobi na investment zake ziko huku arudi ocha to rub shoulders with farmers again just to be called a governor? Peasant dreams hiyo ni downgrade kwake bana. That’s why his crew ni ya akina Uhunye and better. Although he could have ran for Nairobi governor Ile time ya Kwanza 2013 by now he could have been the DP