Pesa ni mzuri

That is 260k kwa mguu ya some old man [ATTACH=full]391444[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]391445[/ATTACH]who has no use for a fine sniker.

Wacha alpha male aenjoy Mali yake pole pole

Sasa compare mzee ako ocha wa 76 years.

Utapata anakaa 102 years juu ya kazi ngumu na maisha ngumu.

Wealthy people live 10 years longer on average than poor people. They live a longer and more fulfilling life.

If you adjust for lifestyle, Tinga has lived three lifetimes of a peasant his age.

Njonjo ako 101 years. Huyo ukiadjust lifestyle he has lived 300 “normal” years.

Heshimu $., research also shows that,years, depending on their gender.

Wacha kuandika nonsense. Just say that money can guarantee you longer and less stressful life.

yeap. Michael Jackson is another good example

What I’m saying is backed by research. Hii sio verbal diarrhea. Read the article.

Life expectancy in 1st world countries is more than 3rd world . This involved better education , better careers , better wealth, better Healthcare and longer lives . All the above lack in bonobo land

Is there anything practical about the shoes that makes its value that much expensive ama the value is just Perceived? Maybe just to sell exclusivity? What is the cost of production?

Huyu @King Robert Baratheon ndio the new headman ama?

Those nike all white low cuts go 150 usd… knowing the plug who linked raila with them since it was in the interwebs… they must be knock offs from asia.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D you realize that Njonjo is actually alive coz your Michael Jackson is meant to insinuate Njonjo is dead?

Pure leather. Cost of production iko chini coz child labor inatumika

  1. Yes. Knock off. Highly doubt abybody who accesses Raila will gift him a knock off

Hapo enyewe Baba the Enigma ameweza. Amedunga ile design yangu nikitokelezea jiji … Ile ya juu chini designer … fiti kabisa.

Wachana na articles of research done by others, what about your real life experience?

You can’t draw conclusions from the experience of one person.

That is why scientists interview and collect data from thousands of people.

I know, I’m asking concerning your personal experience on ground.

My single experience is not important to make any conclusions.

But if you want to know, wealthy people live longer and more comfortably hata kwa ground.

I know wazees suffering in the village as their agemates in the leafy suburbs play golf every week and screw sugar babies.

I rest my case if this is what long life entails

Rest your case and forever hold your peace.