Pesa Double Double try it .

Today a few of mine introduced me this online Sacco u save kshs 50/= minimum and by 6pm unatumiwa thrice the amount u invested mapema , I saved 1k shingo upande nimeshangaa kuona mpesa message Ave received 3k waaaaaaaaah , sahii nimesave 2k coz Ave already recovered my 1k , ningoje for 12 hrs … It’s so simple just send the amount to this mpesa till no .(hit my inbox ) and wait for magic …

It’s a secret thing like the free masonry only those I give the till no. Get approved





:D:D:D… you can’t be that gullible. Premium tears loading.


You will always know elections are around the corner whenever this shenanigans begin.

Scam. @administrator delete this shit.



Hehe, mmekuwa brave sana na pyramid scheme yako. At least mngefunika watu macho kidogo kama Public Likes

Hii ni ile scam ya town, ya pata potea imekuja digital. :smiley: very dumb of you.

Funny enough, there is this guy in Ngurubani Mwea.

He has mastered the trick that involves buying bitcoin from Paxful sellers, via mpesa, at the prevailing price plus up to 5%.

Subsequently, he sells the bitcoin daily (day trading-overnight actually) through Reddit’s discord at the prevailing price plus 15% to 25%.

What he larks is capital and thus he has introduced this “online sacco” where local youth are saving a minimum of Kshs. 100 at 6 pm in the evening and collecting a minimum of Kshs. 250 at 9 am the following morning.

I discovered this by accident when he borrowed my laptop after his laptop’s fan malfunctioned due to the prevailing heatwave here in Mwea.

My interest was piqued when I saw a line he forgot to erase on my laptop’s MS Word that went:

<[H] btc 0.02000 [W] us$ pp+25% ff mm no rep>

In the Reddit Discord forum he patronizes, this means:

<I have 0.02 BTC and I want to be paid in US$ via Paypal-Family and Friends @ the prevailing price plus 25%. If you do not have a reputation (in discord) we can go through a middle man.>

People are making money with this Bitcoin shit but what they do not have is money to invest thus the “online sacco” angle.

As such, it is not really a “secret thing” or “Free Masonry”. It is simply a young man with a talent to buy and sell bitcoin rather profitably, so long as the price keeps rising. Ndonge?

Give me the connection to him

I am the connection

Hii ni ughasia tu. That man is u, tumekuonea 18. Tafuta watu ya bodaboda uwapore

The irony is, if I don’t, someone else will. In the process, someone will lose money. Someone will make money.

Connection ikuje ya uyo jamaa… Naweza mpea capital poa tufanye biz alafu anikanje zangu