I + XI=X
When the equation is turned upside down
Try looking at things from different angles and make an enlightened choice

??? ¿¿¿

Upside down? On a scale of 1 to 10, how illiterate are you?





pengine hii Swapping ya Comp Science

x = x + y
y = x - y
x = x - y

check this for further reading

Huyu tuseme roughly 10.1 hivi.



Ebu explain like you are explaining to a 5year old what your post meant.

Did he specify the alphabet?

That’s the roman numeric system…

Sawa mzee wa kijiji.

Sijakuelewa kaka

Unajua meaning ya upside down?

hizi hesabu tulifanya pale campus…hazinanga mguu wala matako ni kusumbua mtu kichwa tu… was it called number theory… f**k that shiet.

¡ !

sitachoka kuuliza…