Perfect Diversion

While we are still mourning the lose of our sisters and brothers who lost their lives in the Garissa massacre, the government has found an excuse to divert from the list of shame in graft that was realised the other week.
Prove is how the president ordered the botched police recruits to report for training,will we really ever win the war on graft?

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As far as matters corruption are concerned, we have a long long treacherous road to go. We haven’t began scratching the surface yet.

There’s absolutely no way we can expect a cop, or indeed any other (Kenyan) employee who bribed to get the job to be committed to his/her job enough to fight the very corruption (s)he is a beneficiary of. Not gonna happen.


I Said it here what this President is doing is just making the blame game bigger but not solve any of our problems.
Those recruits will report on duty in 2017 by then according to President action we are at the mercy of al sha fakas.

Should we act delusional?

Current solution to insecurity is ensure the Somalia border is not porous.
War on corruption should start with the big fish and that will send shock waves down the ramks

Our current strategy on matters security is totally wrong and misinformed. Firstly, our recruitment methodology still uses parameters that ceased to be relevant at the turn of the century. What has height to do with being a cop? Ama meno 32 like it’s a biting competition? Let’s not even get into the mess that is intelligence gathering and dissemination, if one can call it thus.

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the height bit has since been outlawed by the Constitution…the biting competition bit, well, LOL

Any fool can comprehend our problems is just that the current political class want it that way any improvement is danger to their survival

Are you trying to tell us that, despite all our strides in education, we still remain beholden to bigoted politicians? And that the problem is insurmountable? Why on earth did we go to school if we cannot even begin to think for ourselves independently?

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Dakitari uko na kiherehere mingi sana huku,kwani wewe ni shareholder wa ktalk?

We’re not that much educated biggest portion of our population believes and act as if the politicians are their gods making it impossible for someone like you or me to tell them otherwise

:smiley: :smiley: Working hard at it. Na bado. :smiley: :smiley:

See what I’m saying up there? Some very wrong misinformed ‘strategies’. None of us chose where we were born or where our parents settled. Next time they give that as a reason, you should sue them for having not provided you with fluoride-free drinking water. Seriously.

As an aside though, whatever the damage you see on the teeth, similar damage will have been occasioned to your bones by the toxic fluoride levels.

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wasnt it the head of government that ordered all on the list to make way for investigation, were not the heads of government mentioned the first to step aside…isnt it the likes of those not in government who have refused to make way…wacha panganga.

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And he is the one who will reinstate them

All those who were mentioned in the EACC probe including the the two “faceless” individuals from the house on the Hill who wanted Mrs Keino to resign are all praying that we forget.
But we will forget…dont we always when “sexy” news comes up…?

Intelligence gathering in Kenya has never been an issue …talk to guys in Military Intelligence and NSIS…shida ni makarao…they are thicker than
two planks of wood. They disregard the info purely on malice…ati kwani intelligence ndiyo watakuwa wakiwashow when and where to police…add that to you know what…CORRUPTION…and you have a mega fuck up.

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Na hii corruption will be the end of us. I read somewhere that some specialist police ‘squads’ have their own secret weapons stash just in case one day the fellow manning the armory is paid enough to forsake them at their hour of need!

How about local sympathizers?