Pep kukamulia Dry fry


Penda sana 8 points clear YNWA

Last season you lost that same lead my fren

Pep must go…

Tukutane dec

I am a united fan but I really enjoy every time pep fails, that guy treated yaya toure in a very shitty manner

We thank the football gods for this great mancity fail.

Arsenal number 3 nooooooo way

Makeshift defence.

Water tight defence.

Courtesy of a bogus penalty.

If it wasn’t for the fact liverpool are doing well I would be very happy. These cunts have broken Fair Play and have not even faced the consequences and they want to have us believe they have got their on talent alone.

Mkimaliza kuteta,please check the log again. Na mkubali hivyo ndivyo ilivyo.

I thought this was about post exposure prolaxis …PEP …that drug after exposure to HIV

Concentrate na shida za manure united ghassia

Sio last season wewe mlevi bila akili but i remember a season Liverpool were looki g like winning the league wakanyanganywa nyama mdomoni bt it was not last season.

Vile umenona Kama nguruwe huwezi jua hizi vitu angalia netball

Boss , nielemishe last season Liverpool ilikuwa mbele na how many points b4 city iwapite ? Si seven points ?

Chukua eraser uende ufute hiyo bao basi msee.

Ilikuwa 7 points sponsor