people don't learn

for those who have been reading international news you may know that Indonesia has executed several drug traffickers in the last few months.Kenyans been kenyans and their greed for money surpassing value of their lives decided to continue trafficking meth to this muslim nation.Luckily they were caught by anti-narcotics and won’t be facing a firing squad any time soon

Very shocking…, hata mwezi haujaisha from when the executions were carried out.

Very lucky idiots indeed, if the had been caught in Indonesia, Wadodo would have sent them straight to the firing squad and then activists would come-up with all manner of hashtags sijui Okoa …, Tunaomba serikal…

Its all about easy money

Drug dealers aren’t fools. The drugs trade is worth $321 billion. The ones that get caught are only a small, tiny percentage of this. The irony is however the more strict the drug laws become, the more lucrative the trade becomes. For those that don’t get caught, price goes up.

Ni mashida boss, who wants to live in a 10 X10 single room with no idea where the next meal will come from? Any opportunity that comes your way is worth considering despite the risks.

The families of these two traffickers should thank the JKIA police. as mankind said, Indonesia its firing squad!! currently Australia are negotiating release of their prisoner drug traffickers and its proving a nightmare of negotiation. Sasa Kenya ingekuwaje?

I thought the Australians have already been executed

Yes. Just read that walimalizwa April

Wangewaacha waende so that they could face the firing squad.

Lets jst say u r behind news

Halafu ile nonsense ya “twaomba serikali ianze”. Shoot the bitches and be done with it!

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Same as those people who keep on going to MENA kufanya housekeeping stuff despite being warned not to

You may be surprised to find that the women were not aware of the recent executions or other dire possibilities. The owner of the drugs probably knows that but his messengers are often very ignorant.