People daily

I am talking about the free paper.

So today I decided to walk to work and as usual am immaculately dressed in my Friday smart casual. I bump into the green jacketed guys dishing out the free paper. I kindly request for the paper and am coldly told by the guy"Boss hatupatii watu wanatembea".

My oh my. Several times while driving a probox have these guys hassled me in traffic to give me the paper.

Am left wondering when will the mindset of Kenyans change? Does it mean because you are walking you are broke? Can these people grow up

Those free newspapers contain like half advertising of whole news paper. Their assumption is that most driving guys have businesses and they can even get tym to go through the adverts… A walking dude will go for nys stories and pics then atumie kama tp.



Hahaha ati Kama tp???. I wonder if the supposed business people get time to read the crap

actually, this gazeti is getting traction. it used to be 6pages and full of ads, nowadays its filling out. they will start selling them soon

why did you want to read “the crap”?

sina driving license na mimi upewa hio wrapper kila siku

Funny driver wa Embasava atapewa hata mbili lakini mtu ako route 11 hapewi.

hehe hiyo ni kali…unatoka hapo ukiwa umekunja mkia

Hehehehe. Na highschooler and aurak wanapeana gaatheti hapa for free.

Infact it will be the opposite …NMG and SG will start issuing their copies for free.