People are not lining up for vax willingly. Plan is not working.

If you needed any more evidence that the vaccines are unsafe, you’ve got it now. A notorious genocidal maniac wants you and every man woman and child on Earth to take an experimental medicine. Think about that. If you want to eliminate me you will have to look me in the eye and shoot me where ai stand. You will not have the luxury of injecting me with shit and blaming an imaginary bat virus for my mysterious premature demise after a few months. Fuck this sociopaths.

KuRONA isaa SCAM. Hii maneno tulimaliza kitambo na tukafunga mjadala.

Surprisingly kuna hizi kondoo bado ziko kwa hio maneno.

Wenye mnawekwa hio meffi muwekwe bila kusumbua banae… Alafu mukufe mbio mutuwachie mabibi zenu tutombe

Vaccine, am not touching that crap, have tested positive thrice with absolutely no signs, last week mon & Thursday, and today have just been sampled.
Tuko 18, tunangoja vaccine complications from idiots

My neighbour passed way after getting the vax sasa around us kila mtu amesema no to to getting vaccinated.

A close friend died today, from contracting it to death took just a week. Mask up/social distance guys

Nishakula vaccine both doses, 30 days now and still counting na sijaona noma yoyote. Nyi kaeni apo

Tony Blair is the guy who managed to end the endless rule of the labour party in the UK. Imagine a country where people were getting al the free stuff they wanted and he managed to fudge it up and give it over to the conservatives who do not believe in free stuff? How bad did he mess up. He should hide in shame at being such a failed leader

Wewe endelea kupokea. You still wearing a face diper I guess.

He is the son of Mutahi Kagwe or other rich homeguards from Muchatha. What do you expect him to say? He was promised another trip to Dubai if he accepts the jab.

Yaani umeingiziwa kijiti kwa esophagus mara tatu?

Have done more than 50 tests since August, fortunately am negative on the last

By surrendering your body for those throat or anal swaps, it means you have joined the Covidian Cult. There is no leaving the cult.

It’s good you have seen sense in a grown up man making his own decision rather than going with the flow …

Upuuuus …

Niaje kanguruwe.

Poa khasia


Nilidungwa the second jab Jana, with the exception of uchungu mkononi Niko Sawa.

If guinea pigs don’t get vaccinated,then the governments will simply lie that cases are increasing and new variants are popping up from nowhere.And if that doesn’t work for the governments,then we’ll wait and see what these distractions are really about.