Penis Enlargement - What's your view?

Hello guys, I am in my late 20s and currently battling with an urge to increase my penis size through use of creams/gel. It’s not that I have a small penis, its average, around 16 cm long, but this urge to make it longer and thicker sijui imetoka wapi. Been battling with it for over an year, and I am about to lose to the battle. In fact last year I bought a penis pump, but I found it too tedious to use, so I am really considering the gels/creams option. It’s just out of curiosity really, it’s not that there has been any girl who has complained about my penis size. So what do you think? I want to get sober advice from someone who has used these creams, or a doctor (not google doctors), a real qualified professional whose expert view on this can be correct. Are these creams dangerous? Has anyone of you used them? What were the effects? Have you ever had a problem? Did you get extra inches? Tell me something before I make this irreversible “mistake.”

EDIT: The ignoramuses in the comment section, I have no issue with my current size and this has nothing to do with kutosheleza madame (with the current size niko fiti, actually 16 cm is longer than many of you). The most important thing I want a CONFESSION FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS USED THOSE CREAMS/GEL.


imma ask u one thing, you want fast results (don’t care if you dik bricks or stuff) or you want slow but sure results?

Shida yako ni kupeleka FURNITURE ya BEDSITTER huko SJ … Lazima NYUMBA IONEKANE TUPU!


hehehe yes that’s why nimeuliza msaada hapa. It’s just out of curiosity though sijui nini inanisumbua kichwa.

Ongezaaaaa, ikikataa kazi tuko standby kutomba khupipi yako

I want SAFE, HEALTHY process of doing it. Hiyo ya FAST with the risk of penis bricking off (whatever that means) does not sound safe.

Order these from eBay. They’re the most popular in the UK.
Whoever manufactures these must be a Swahili speaker.



Waste of money if you ask me but then again, I’m not the one with a small cock so I cunt relate!.. kikikikkkk…

LOL Who has the small cock? What’s your size? I clearly stated it is out of curiosity.

Like @Sogomba Sadamkale would say, you have a small penis.

Stop watching porn and be content with what you were given.

Too much porn kijana punguza

for instant results using herbal,paka ‘kalialia’

How long is yours? LOL

Who talked about watching porn? If I had a problem with porn my post would be about seeking advice on how to stop watching porn.

Ucio ni uhii…
Wi Wana muno Wakanyama. Kikikikkkk…

Be content with your little weiner. Look at the Chinese for example: one has the courage to want to ferk the president’s daughter


Your penis is small.

These villagers… and here I thought they would give you solid advice.

I heard about jelqing. For gels enda pale amazon ama aliexpress usome product reviews.