Peeling the mask: Bill Gates.

Microsoft “spoon-fed” journalists stories about their tech products that were coming out, giving them insider information, they didn’t report on the wild bachelor parties that Microsoft’s boyish chairman would throw in his Seattle home — for which Gates would "visit one of Seattle’s all-nude nightclubs and hire dancers to come to his home and swim naked with his friends in his indoor pool.

Wallace goes on to say that all of this happened while Gates was newly married to his now ex-wife Melinda French. According to the writer, Bill was still flirting with and pursuing extra-marital relationships with other women, something French was cognizant of. “[She was] well aware of Gates’s womanizing and consequently the relationship ran hot and cold. At one point they broke up for nearly a year, reportedly because Gates refused to make any kind of commitment,” Wallace says.

ha ha men are polygamous in nature…
the idea of monogamy was brought by Christianity and promoted by old women

Hawa ni lawyers wa kunguru wanajaribu kuharibia birrionaire jina ndio atoboke sagwasagwa kwa divorce settlement. Bill Gates is a proper nerd, huyu jamaa kama sio pesa angefika 50 years akiwa virgin.

So mnaexpect a billionaire akuwe anakula kuma moja daily, and he has access to young pretty things? Yall people joke too much.

These billionaires huchafua mbaya mbofu, ni vile they dont date stupid socialites like amber ray or saumu mbuvi who will run to social media to show off who they are screwing

Pesa zake si 9 k salo bro, that nigga can literally screw anyone on this earth. Every pussy has a price which he can definitely afford

Hii kenyatalk huwa na shida kubwa sana ya comprehension. Nimesema very clearly kama Bill Gates hangekuwa birrionaire angekuwa dry spell mbaya juu he’s a classic nerd. What you’ve typed is an obvious addition to my statement.

Bill Gates has never claimed to be monogamous. Even his Prenup had a section to spend time with other women (woman). In fact his wife allowed him to. Media just built a narrative around him. And protected him so they could make money off him. Calling them a power couple. He slept with so many coworkers and employees. As a matter of fact, he was fired from the Microsoft Board because of a sexual affair with an employee of the company.

Bill used to live with Jeffrey Epstein for weeks on end. The Billionaire bachelor who hang himself. His residence was a known Harem for women and young underage girls. Nobody is that damn to ignore what Bill was engaging in while staying there. Including his wife. He just properly numerated the women to shut up.

do your research mr. bill gates was a party animal in the 90s. He stole Mark Cuban’s girlfriend akamchipo

In the 90s Bill Gates was already the richest man in the world, WASN’T HE??!!

People expected a real life birrionaire to pass up young pussy ? which straight man doesn’t dream of fucking 21 year olds left right and centre when he makes it? Ongeza pia availability and how they throw themselves at you because you are a billionaire and it’s very hard to stay monogamous.

Those silicon Valley Millionaire nerds are known to throw legendary wild parties. It’s part of the culture there.

They are only rivaled by Wall Street traders who throw prostitute laden cocaine snorting parties once they get their million dollar bonuses.

Wow, okay. At this point I must assume everyone who keeps “informing” me is trolling.

I still have no idea why people marry. Marriage is a fraud, a big lie, a hypocritical institution. What positives do you get in marriage that you can’t get outside it? It’s a question I’ve thought about critically, and I can come up with so many potential pitfalls, yet hardly any positives. I’m sure out there there are marriages that are not built on hypocrisy. But they must be a very tiny minority.

Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Ukweli. Lakini huku ukisema Bill Gates ni beta male watu wanashika moto because they see themselves in him :smiley:

Better to be a tiny minority than a noisy majority