Peeling back the mask: Kush yule nguruwe exposed

As you’ll know that nguruwe @kush yule mnono just wedded the other day. Then akaleta wife huku kwetu UAE. Here is how he has been spending his night. A BINGWA& Co investigation

Kush is a conman

You have dual names but always insists on the Bingwa persona …why don’t you do some time as wakanyama

Should I take this as a complement or should I fear that you wank to my threads and comments?

Thanks waria

Ahsande fake bingwa

Tombaneni maghaseer!!!

And if they did,what would be the outcome?
The Real Bingwa Wakanyama Mfalme Bingwa Scrotum?

Somali+Somali=alshabaab(fake Arab)



Khasia arap