Pedophiles on Ktalk

Panyaste and everyone supporting his posting nudes of primary school children. Nyinyi wooote ni mapedophiles wakina Slave owner and many others. Instead of kutuletea ushetani wenu huku, lemme show you where you can go meet your demon possessed counterparts, muache kutuletea wazimu wenu huku. Shameless sick fucks.

Slave Owner
Captain obvious
Mzimamtu the baby killer is also a pedophile.

They’re exposing themselves one by one

Are all pedophiles.

@Panyaste watch this you evil sick POS pedophile. Peleka wazimu yako deep web, we are Christians here, why are you enjoining us in your sick lifestyle. Ati Tua he kua holy Joe so that tukua child molesters kama wewe. Shindwe shetani. Join the right place for your sick perversion. Not here. Are we clear?

until people understand this is a mental problem and no matter what we say or do these people can’t just stop. Best we can do is lock them up and keep them away from our children but unfortunately, some are even fathers and defile their own kids

Both of you have a mental problem. Sijawahi ona someone so obsessed with other people. How can you blame a person without evidence? Mbona Mnaita watu paedos? Makena you are stupid beyond oblivion. Not that I support the sick act and mental problem anyway.

Truman just needs some good dick in her life… To ease her tension. Everything is like a heart attack for her.

@TrumanCapote You are a stupid psychotic old ugly woman , hakuna mahali panyaste ameweka child porn .

In fact hii Ni defamation wewe ndio yafaa uchukuliwe hatua . munyanya ghassia wewe

I’ve never denied

Hii evidence hapa pia, never denied
wadaku wa kenya post tuwachangie za kanga - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk

Boss nini mbaya kweli? Yaani? I thought you got saved? What happened? Kumbe ndio uligraduate from abortion to pedophilia? Kusema kweli kuna mapepo kadha Zina kusumbua, take care coz next time you will find yourself in Kamiti.

Why do you do these things? You don’t know you can rot in jail for such criminal activities. Wewe ni kama unadamwa na shetani. Reform before you end up being sodomised in Kamiti Maximum. Chunga sana.

That’s why I approached one staff member to delete what I had posted, kamiti sigwes coz everything I do now especially with underage girls huwa chini ya waba

I’m appalled that you are still doing it.With so much free pussy available out there from grown ass women why would you go for minors?

Cheza chini

This Truman bitch one would think she’s very perfect, always pointing fingers

Wewe ni ghaseer sana…how do you mess na underage? Huna confidence ya ku face a grown up woman? Meffi