Peasant Edition: cheap quality clothes and footwear in Nairobi

Over the years, I have learnt a few peasantry survival tactis:

  1. tembea LC waikiki randomly. They usually have 50-70% off on random apparel. Especially zenye hazijanunulia after a set period. Nishai angukia quality cotton shirts at 850/-, zenye regular price hua 3700. I’ve also got some very nice shoes from there.

  2. Bata has some nice shoes. Even more interesting are their “bata stokist outlets.” Viatu ua hazijanunuliwa after a while from limuru factory shop and main bata outlets hupelekwa kwa hizo stores with crazy prices. Example ni moja iko fedha. Juzi juzi tu hush puppies na weinbrenners zilikua zinauzwa at 1450/- and 1250/- respectively. Kwa ordinary bata outlet unapata they retail at 4500 and 3600 bob for the latter. North Star hukua 400 zikiletwa.

  3. Think Twice- has some very good items siku stock mpya zinafunguliwa. Though vita hukua hapo, me thinks at times sio worth it.

My fellow peasants, what are your secrets of getting quality items cheaply, wakati bado hatujanukisha otungu? [SIZE=1]especially on nice quality watches, under 4k ivi. [/SIZE]

T-shirts za cotton tunanunuanga ksh250 hapa downtown. Na ukinunua tano unabeba na ksh230

Khakis tunanunuanga ksh800-950 depending on whether ni stretch khaki or not, Pale ronald ngala stage ya bus za sunbird opp posta, There is a brown lady who used to walk in clutches who sells them from 6:30pm till late. Nimesahau bei yake ya polo shirts but i’ve bought two at very good prices.

Downtown na wapi exactly?
Are they good plain teeshirts?


On the east side of NAIROBI CBD. tom mboya street hadi riverside. T-Shirts in brand new. Usually intended for printing e.g for youth groups za church, NGOs e.t.c decent enough to be worn casually. I believe hizi t-shirt hupigwa pigwa pasi na maji ya stasoft to make them look or smell ‘rich’ then zinapelekwa kwa malls to be sold 10times

The offers at lc waikiki are nothing but a marketing gimmick… i used to buy cloths there until I realised you can get the exact items at Eastleigh at a reasonable price… Eastleigh is basically a one stop shop .


Following closely…

Good observation. What is the price range for these “reasonably priced shirts” huko isili?

Myself and a few friends tuliconclude that the quality of shirts at Waikiki is unmatched by zile za Eistleigh. Regular casual shirts za 800 - 1000 eistleigh hufeel kinda cheap, material wise. That is why I/we opted tukue tukipitia waikiki stores at our convenience to check for the discounted offers, since the price range is more less the same na za isili.

Isili Pia shoes zao hukua fefte fefte, usipokua keen unaeza angukia sub-par quality and pay a premium.

Huko ua tunaendea tu khakis, since their quality are pretty standard, and @800 bob or @650 (bulk, wholesale), the price point and the quality of the khakis are at par.

birionea Uwes is forrowing the conversation

Eastleigh socks na wholesale. Unanunua dozen at 440 to 480. 12pairs inakusukuma long time.
480 ni super high quality and this translates to one pair at 40bob na kwa Street Nairobi utauziwa the same na 150.

There is a shop along MOI avenue. Your jeans @6950 though quality iko poa. Everything is affordable once you build your capacity.

Jeans ya 6,950 sio ya peasants

Lc waikiki basically brands what is bn sold in Eastleigh… don’t let anyone lie to you. It’s the same shit.
This exact polo shirt is 1200 plus in lc waikiki but Eastleigh ni 700.
As for shirt I agree some are of bad quality but kuanzia 1500- 2500 you can get good shirts from Turkey.
On shoes I am yet to buy a shoe that has disappointed me… I have actually referred a couple of guys in my inbox to my plug and they came back thanking me.
These are my gym shoes got them for 2500 and you can see the quality. This pic was taken after six months using them 6days a wk. The same shoes elsewhere haupati na less than 3500.

Ingia wathii ama toy market piga look from top to bottom…there’s something unique about second hand clads compared to new ones…

Kuna Walalo mimi hununulia sana hapo Eastleigh. Ako na vitu smart sana.
+254 722 141813

Some mutumba are expensive than new clothes.

That’s true…zinaitwa camera and they never disapoint

Mbona tunakoseana heshima ivi msee?? Ukiona chief troll @Trojanex amekucall out then you’re seriously trolling.

While at it visit Anta sports store at sarit tomorrow they have crazy sales…just got very nice sports shoes for less than 3k a pair down from 14k. Wazungu walikua wamejaa huko leo but am sure there is still something for you. Basketball and running shoes in plenty.
LEVI have also messaged me about 70% sale on jeans…you will never go wrong with their jeans.
Also check Adidas shop at Westgate, offers galore…no need to waste money when you can shop very cheaply.
Watu wan’gare