Peasant 4WD



Lakini hata kama ni cost cutting wangeweka vioo

Iam getting one, sitaki kujuaa la ni peasants ama whatever.

In my hood kuna jamaa anaitumia kusupply bread. Intially i thought it was ugly until i saw it live its actually not that bad.

Accessibility to wezi si ngumu

RWD…Mobius hamna 4WD

Supplying bread made you change your perception?

Nope, the owner saysb its dependable.

The upcoming new model is much better i wouldn’t mind getting one


Has anyone seen the full specs version on the roads, I’m hoping to get that in sha Allah


Ghana hawataki mchezo.

Hii ukipark downtown hautaipata

I feel the company is more focused on profit making rather than building a decent car first … those panel gaps , gari inakaa iko panel beating

Iys a pretty utilitarian car for the lifestyle I’m trying to build, mkulima saa zingine na camper saa zingine. I’ll get one before I afford a rover 110

Stopped looking when I realised hii kitu has polythene papers for Windows. Upuzi. Drive it in Nairobi ata steering itaenda ukienda choo kuhara.

Sawa tu. Wakiiba steering utapata more room ya kuweka bread:p

I see the design of the fossil landrovers that used to have polythene papers for windows. Looks like the british colonized our engineers mind.