PC/WI-FI issues

wadau, i have been having this issue with my PC at times i feel like throwing it out of the window, so whenever im connected to my wi-fi after a while i keep getting the error “no internet access” yet at the same time a phone or tv connected to the same wifi works without issues, when i troubleshoot on the network the problem found is “the default gateway is not available” how do i do away with this problem once and for all?


upgrade to windows 10

IP conflict

any other alternative? nilikua nimeeka 8 a few years back but i dint like the UI an reverted back to 7 where im adamant of changing even after the microsoft threats to upgrade


Ongezea namba of users ama you restart your router and computer…halafu kusikuwe na any other gadget on wifi

U have limited the number of user connections…disconnect tv or phone ama uongeze users kwa settings

sijui kaa ni hapa but i can see iko max to 32 devices yet the max kwangu ni only 5

Windows 10 is ok you will easily get used to it . Windows 8 was so discouraging you could spend some time just to get back to the desktop or close some folder kwa corner flani.

#1. Incase you have an outdated Avast Internet Security, uninstall kwanza, it can mess up your connection sometimes.

#2. Try finding the gateway and IP addresses used by the other devices connected to your network. There are apps for this. The open network and internet settings>right click on Wifi>properties> click on IPv4> use the following IP address> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, default gateway ile umesoma, subnet mask ikikosa kujileta weka tu

Just incase you might change DNS server address weka

#3. Ikikataa try other methods of connecting to the internet e.g using an ethernet cable or your phone’s bluetooth, update Avast and Wifi drivers

When it disconnects, click

Start>Run>cmd.exe [enter]

ipconfig /all (What values are displayed there)?

“Default gateway is not available” suggests that the adapter is losing its (IP) DHCP settings. The output will either confirm or deny this.

Manually set the IP address for the pc (assuming si laptop) ,the address should be outside your router DHCP pool.

Yeah, I also have this issue with my Windows 7 sometimes, honestly, I don’t know why. Many of my friends recommended to upgrade to Windows 10, but I like Windows 7 better, so I need to figure out how to make it work. They also recommended installing a good registry cleaner so I need to do that but I’m overwhelmed with the variety. I’ve heard that it can harm the system so I have mixed feelings about it, but still I need my computer optimized. Any ideas on how can I make it work?

Ccleaner is ok just the free version one. Don’t go for cracks