Pc Games

Suggest pc games for a 10yr old kid .

Tell me how to install Temple Run 2 in Win 7

Game ya nduthi ikiwezekana

Hio ni ya kitambo kiasi iko na graphics mbaya. Ama Kuna another version…

Am thinking of cartoon like games

Nfs ama injustice

Najua death moto but I only find it on android platform




Angry birds
Road redemption (road rash like)
Super mario forever 2015

GTA mtoto anaenda kufanya nini kwa Strip club?


Get him the Lego games plus they have coop so u can enjoy with him…plus blur every comp requires blur


NFS but injustice ain for a 10 ur old although nilikuwa na cheza mk at that age.I think.it translates differently now with the modern graphics…but kama anaweza stomach trips za Ed Boon poa then

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Aanze na retro games za 8bit, can’t wait.
Edit: A 10 year old should be telling you which games to get him.

Things have changed my brother, I was playing fifa with some kids the other day and man, did I get my ass whooped?

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Patieni yeye GTA Vice City, either way that game is responsible for my English today

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nipatie torrent link ya hizi tafadhali.

…Prince of persia.

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Jaribu roadrush

Rayman Legends will suit a 10 year old kid